Most Confusing Chess Players

At the Grand Chess Tour 2019, the participating Chess players answered the question which of the other players confuse them the most. #Chess #magnuscarlsen #checkmate


  1. The guy who's game speaks for itself 😂

  2. Imagine Magnus reply him here with saying – "Ding bcoz im playing not so smooth games with him"😂

  3. Bobby lashley taking interview is wholesome in itself

  4. Ding and Hikaru saying the same thing about eachother is awesome

  5. Its official, Levon is the Psyduck of chess.

  6. i hate when they talk about themself when the question is supposed to answer to other players, looks like hypocrite

  7. "how did this all happen" Levon speaks for a generation

  8. Hikaru= Stone Magnus= Paper Ding= scissors.

  9. I play chess irl with idiots that don't follow orders. Do you think I can't play against a Swedish, wait is he Swedish?

  10. I will beat Magnus blindfolded in speed chess.

  11. Magnus Carlson is Scandinavian pride! Worthless shit, that is.

  12. Levon is confusing for many others The man confuses himself so it makes sense

  13. Levon had just escaped the amish in this video

  14. Interviewer: “But he said your confusing”Hikaru: “Ya that’s what’s so confusing about it”

  15. I think why ding counters magus is that he calculates manly while magmus remebers almost all best moves and plays weird lines to stop Theorie play as early as possible … Thats effectife against many but not to ding wile hikaru plays kinda normal against ding and that makes it hatder for ding

  16. Maxime and Wesley: Levon confuse me.Levon: Levon confuse me too!!

  17. Its strange seeing Sergey being interviewed after the ladt couple of years.

  18. I think they don't find magnus confusing because they all study intensively his play

  19. Magnus: Ding is hard.. good player.Hikaru: Ding big noob .

  20. Levon is taking, "They never can know your next move if you don't even know your own next move."

  21. Why Magnus looks like Todd from Breaking Bad 😭

  22. Levon: I am anti-theory. Let’s all get confused

  23. No one mentioned Magnus who beats them all😂😂

  24. Nepo confuses in life also 😂😂😂

  25. Fabi:- None of them confuses me But I always get defeated by Some thems in final

  26. I'm still confused as to how Sergei managed to steal my car.

  27. Hikaru and Ding be likeHikaru: SlowpokeDing: psyduck

  28. I thought magnus would say no one confuses me.💀

  29. Magnus beats hikaru beats ding beats magnus Rock paper scissors

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