Most Confusing Chess Players

At the Grand Chess Tour 2019, the participating Chess players answered the question which of the other players confuse them the most. #Chess #magnuscarlsen #checkmate


  1. I love ding for his humble nature.really felt sad for him for carrying the guilt put on him by nepo in last championship

  2. Most unpredictable chess player: Mikhail Tal

    Source : Google

  3. Well it's over now. The only player who can defeat Ding Liren lost a must-win at the Candidates.

  4. Ding : Nakamura is confusing me

    Nakumara : I am confused of Ding. Epic

  5. Naka doesn't accept that he struggle against vidit got beaten twice in candidates by vidit

  6. Mann this reporter shaved his whole head and everything on his face😂😂😂

  7. Levon: IDK WTF I'm doing lolFabiano: 🗿Hikaru: Ding is good, just bad against me.Ding: I'm bad against Hikaru.Mamedyarov: Just Hikaru…Maxime: WTF is Levon doing?Karjakin: Nepo.Wesley: I don't get myself but I get Levon even less so. Magnus: Ding is good!

  8. Weird circle, Naka finds it impossible to beat Magnus but beats Ding while Ding is very strong according to Magnus hahaha

  9. Its funny how Magnus is better than Hikaru, but Magnus struggles more against Ding than Hikaru does

  10. I low-key wanna start confusing everyone when I move my rook back to his starting point after my knight's out and p2 moves one pawn forward.

  11. Who’s here after ding is absolutely struggling badly rn at Norway chess

  12. Pragg and gukesh laughing in the corner 😂

  13. Praag silently smiling in the corner 😂😂😂

  14. Good honest answers from these guys. And a very good question.

  15. Indian kids beating them all😂😂😂

  16. Styles make fights… no wait, styles make matches?

  17. The most confusing thing in this video is his bald head, a perfectly spherical planet.

  18. Some Ukrainian guy was clearly winning against me, but refused to checkmate me.

  19. Magnus: ding is a good upcoming player
    Ding: becomes the world champion

  20. Levon just blacks out and finds out he’s winning lol

  21. Ding is so down to earth person that's Why God help him.

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