Must-Know Chess Technique


This is how you break through in a 3-vs-3 pawn endgame.

ASMR Chess


  1. I usually find myself in endgame with 1 king and a knight

  2. I know nothing about chess but love watching your videos. Definitely need to taking time out of my day to learn.

  3. really like this new kinda style of short video

  4. More of these must-know techniques please.

  5. Thanks for all the great videos and chess knowledge!!

  6. Ok found this useful, haven't you given them 2 passed pawns for your 1 though?

  7. These technique Shorts are great. Super helpful and relaxing.

  8. I somehow did not know this technique un l now

  9. Keep it up with shorts, super relaxing and interesting

  10. I always found this breakthrough fascinating.

  11. Classic textbook example of pawn breakthroughs, very instructive.

  12. I’m 1800 (lichess) and didn’t even know this. Shame on me. Thank you for this quick and very valuable lesson!

  13. as a very respectable 450 elo player i will go on to use this and blunder mate in 1 thank you

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