Must-Know Chess Technique


This is how you break through in a 3-vs-3 pawn endgame.

ASMR Chess


  1. cant the black just play enpassant move and take the white when both are on the same row

  2. The most danish accent I've ever heard 😂

  3. This only works if you are closer to queening than your enemy

  4. Bro could I not have seen this 30 minutes ago when this literally happened and I didn’t know how to get through

  5. He sounds like fat tony from the simpsons 😂

  6. You don't have to be so aggressive with the poor pieces

  7. But If they push you both sides will promote at the same time

  8. It’s so satisfying when he plays it

  9. En passant sitting in the opposite corner of the room.

  10. Ten gość chyba nie wie co to bicie w przelocie XD

  11. ASMR chess. Huh, something I didn't know I needed

  12. First video I’ve seen from you and it wasn’t very informational but definitely got my subscription because I can tell you care about your production with your videos

  13. I have one past pawn. Nice. Oh my opponent has three! Sorry didn't notice that

  14. What pieces are these called and where can I buy

  15. This man’s voice is very calming but also makes me extremely uncomfortable

  16. Yes and the oponent play en passant? And take the pawn

  17. He was talking so quiet I had to put my volume on full blast and when I scrolled my parents woke up💀💀

  18. I think this scenario OTB is very rare tbh but good technique

  19. Question. What if you push the pawn and they en passant. How do you prevent that??

  20. Yeah but I couldn't hear a single thing u were saying

  21. Pov: your opponent is up a Queen and two rooks

  22. But can't he like do en passent on the other pawn tho

  23. Can u link me to where u bought ur chess set? It looks beautiful

  24. I swear i can hear the pawns trash talking each other

  25. How often does this occur? I guess I'm glad I know now for the one time in 1k games it'll be useful.

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