My 5 Most Brilliant Chess Moves

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My 5 Most Brilliant Moves

0:00 Intro
0:53 Brilliant Move 1
6:30 Brilliant Moves 2
10:15 Brilliant Move 3
16:46 Brilliant Move 4

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  1. I'm not very good at chess but at 18:10 what's wrong with white bishop taking pawn b5 pawn takes bishop knight takes pawn threatening the queen then knight d6if bishop takes pawn takes queen takes then the dark square bishop takes rook h8?

  2. most of your brilliant moves come with white because you're attacking. hard to pull off brilliant moves in the caro because the caro is known not for being tactically sharp, but for being positionally solid and difficult to crack.

    i had a brilliant move today. absolutely botched my scotch opening (i knew the right line but did one of those "yeah but lets see what happens if" things) and sacked a rook to promote into a forced mate sequence

  3. I once had an opponent play a brilliant move against me, that in the game i was hoping my opponent would play for 3 straight moves because its the only move i had a plan for. Dude ended up losing the game not long after the move so it all worked out. Ive also had a lot of moves that have been considered Great moves but never a brilliant move

  4. "If you cannot last more than 3 minutes… that's a skill you must develop… not just in chess" jesus christ that floored me lmao

  5. i can remember 6 brilliant moves, all accidental lol

  6. I'm rated 1400 so I'm that good at chess and I'm very happy right now that i found this move 14:32

  7. at 14:49 if you played Qxf8 and then promoted the pawn wouldnt you be winning?

  8. Levy: 80% of my brilliant moves are from white.
    Me: Just say 4 of them

  9. Everyone : Celebrates when they get a Brilliant move
    Me : Celebrated when I hit a book move

  10. The first game i saw all the brilliant moves even tho my elo is 800 let's go

  11. I had only one brilliant move and it was a pawn move

  12. Definitely want to see your blunders link

  13. the fact that levy not only found these brilliant moves, but found them with literal seconds left on the clock is insane. cant wait until your a grandmother you definitely deserve it 💕

  14. my first brilliant move i got today was a tactic. It was inspired by those tactics where you check the king to take a piece. My bishop was behind my rook and my opponent made his queen lined up to my bishop. I moved my rook and took his knight with a discovered attack on his queen. He didn't see it and he took my rook and lost his queen. resigned right after.

  15. Me:- At 4:30, I think Rook is a good move
    Me:-………………………………………………………………………………… I AM A MASTER CHESS PLAYER

  16. I though I was a super genius
    Stockfish : WTF?!
    I mean I was only a small genius 😂😂

  17. As an Austrian I feel offended by your thinking Schnitzel is German…

    JK, I love you ofc 🙂

  18. I think my chesscom accout is bugged :/ my moves looks like "??" Instead "!!"

  19. I've recently been playing Blitz and have got my first 2 Brilliant Moves ever it's a very nice feeling.
    One was to sack my Rook in order to force their Queen onto a square where it would be forked with the King.
    The other was another Rook sack to break up the pawns protecting their King allowing an all-out assault.
    In both games I was losing but through the sacrifice of material I was able to set up winning tactics.

    I also lost both games on time…

  20. You have more comments on your video than I have points on my elo

  21. I literally found the first games move on seeing the position am I a brilliant guy

  22. Lagging behind, but that was fun! Blunders would be cool, too

  23. Stockfish: These 5 brilliant moves are my worst 5 blunders

  24. is there a way to know how many brilliant moves you have made? im curious if i even made 1 hahaha

  25. Which Mean BRILLIANT are The move hard to see for Human brain but Its still the move like ur idea maybe u already Evaluating the move or ur just lucky like "OHHH I think this is BRILLIANT move because if i sacrifice i just win the game because there a maybe in 1"
    I Mean yeah Its like the greatest move than Another move like in the engine lines like

  26. Whenever someone says chess is boring I will show them this video

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