Nepo & Svidler Tied For 1st! Can Vishy & Aronian Catch Them? Levitov Chess Week 2023 Rds 10-14

The Levitov Chess Week is a 10-player double round-robin tournament taking place from 22–26 September 2023 in Amsterdam, featuring some of the world’s strongest players competing for €130,000.Watch:

More details:

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  1. I think the problem with Vishy with the recent events from 2021 is that he just completely annihilate everyone and then he just for some reason loses two or three games at the end which costs him the event. Can't complain at this age . Still great.

  2. Mr Peter Svidller; Go..Go..Go..Champ!! 🏂

  3. 1:19:00 Nieksans has an irritating habit of pulling away to a boring game just when a very exciting one we're engrossed in is exploding…. His excuse that he doesn't understand the complexities of the chaotic position is unacceptable. We're not here to watch something you can explain.

  4. 1:46:00 After round 11, 5 games per round makes 55 points awarded. Your scoreboard adds to 56…. Not right.2:19:43 after 12 rounds, still 1 point too much. Still not corrected.

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