Never underestimate Samay Raina! | Samay vs Super GM Gukesh (2730)

Samay Raina is well-known in the chess world as someone who made chess very popular among the masses. Although he is not rated as per FIDE, he is day by day working on his chess and getting very strong. On 18th of March after Gukesh did a 21-board simul, he was greeted by Samay back at Amruta and Sagar’s home! This game took place where Samay has 10 mins, Gukesh has 2 mins. Of course, Gukesh being world no.18 and a super GM, was the favourite, but as the title of the video suggests – Never understimate Samay Raina!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Ye piche se kon badtameez bhok rha hai

  2. Amruta girl should shut the ef up dude! Very effing annoying!

  3. Can someone please make her quiet she is soo anoying

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