Never underestimate Samay Raina! | Samay vs Super GM Gukesh (2730)

Samay Raina is well-known in the chess world as someone who made chess very popular among the masses. Although he is not rated as per FIDE, he is day by day working on his chess and getting very strong. On 18th of March after Gukesh did a 21-board simul, he was greeted by Samay back at Amruta and Sagar’s home! This game took place where Samay has 10 mins, Gukesh has 2 mins. Of course, Gukesh being world no.18 and a super GM, was the favourite, but as the title of the video suggests – Never understimate Samay Raina!

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. One of the lessons here is that your rating doesn't matter. You still have to apply yourself in every game to win it. That's true about life in general!


  3. Chess khelte time sabse jyada gussa dilane wale cheez yehi he paas khade ho kar bak bak karna, Are bhai itna hi aata he to khelo jake disturb kyun kar rahe ho

  4. Why are u guys shouting so much. Shut up let them focus on the game. such irritating people.

  5. Bhai 4:59 pey rook g7 sacrifice then rook takes queen e8 mate tha na

  6. best move by the GM was Amruta Gambit, made it seem like a one side match

  7. koi iss bak-bak ko bahar nikalo yaar 😐

  8. 06:21 Just see how happy amrutha is …this show that she has 0 game spirit…samay defeated her so from the beginning of the game she wanted samay to lose …for the first time very irritated from amrutha ..

  9. Lawra ka titel de rakkha hay…. Humko laga samay kuch karega gand fat jayegi sabki…..sala har geya….Never Underestimate samay rayna k chode

  10. Amruta is extremely irritating with her constant yapping. Couldn't even focus on the game 🙄

  11. I have analysed the position with stockfish level 8 and it shows +1.2 to the white. Idk why has the bar gone crazy in this video. Probably also why Sagar shah didnt make analysis video on this

  12. Clickbait… At no point he was winning the game unless you see the stockfish analysis with depth of 100 moves. Gukesh knows this and is secretly enjoying watching them overreact

  13. Finding someone who could tell the best moves after that analysis Bb7

  14. Amruta's ego was hurt after her game and she did not let a single moment where she didn't distract samay. Not the spirit that you would expect from an IM

  15. Why they are talking.
    Not expected from these guys

  16. I loaded the position up in stocckfish it is not +10 actually it is just 0.64 according to it

  17. 3:23 match would have ended right here for gukesh but samay missed it

  18. Amruta can do with not talking sometimes!

  19. Abe bhai commentary dena jaruri he kya Khali fokat ka distract karte ho apne commentary se shanti se khelne do bhai unko.

  20. Well trash talker first got lost and now trying to ruin samay's match, you know what I mean

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