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  1. Excuse mr levi sir can i please ask a genuine question how do i become better at chess because im facing A highschooler named kuya will he has like 1570 elo and i really need your advice to beat him so please im begging you i hope your reading this

  2. new cheating meta using watches to hypnotize the world champion

  3. A professional player should accept defeat no matter what's the reason …

  4. Carlsen just losing his spark and then claiming that people are cheating because he is a sore loser.

  5. Honestly, this was a fair move by Magnus. He clearly wasn't trying to accuse Alisher of cheating, and even complimented his gameplay. He was simply voicing his opinion on the sheer level of utter negligence by the arbiter and chess competition as a whole, especially a tournament of that size and importance.

  6. Ah, nice to see an Australian player for a change! Greetings from Queensland, Australia 🙂

  7. Are we all gonna ignore that gorgeous smothered mate at the end? What a game.

  8. Can anybody tell
    How do we cheat in chess like it's not an exam?

  9. Hello, Humans
    It's never over until you stop breathing. For me, even when i stop breathing, my rage will keep me alive.


  10. 4:22 there is also Bg5 after Ng4 attacking the Queen, f6 Bh4 defending f2 and your knight is awkwardly placed.
    Your engine dept is also incredibly low at times

  11. Magnus is become such a cry baby (Fischer style). Next level will be Magnus complaining that the opponent is wearing clothes

  12. Change the title, man. Hikaru did it already.

  13. Nice watch. A lot of place to put in a transmitter

  14. Fide ratings shouldn't be affected by this tournament, since it doesn't follow fide rules.
    If they made it clear before the beginning of the tournament that they had their own rulebook, i see nothing wrong with this. and if that affects players in a negative way, it should be in their professional skillset to deal with it and perform. if not, the tournament format just wasn't in their favour.

  15. Magnus gets absolutely crushed
    Finds excuses😂

  16. the only honest way to beat Magnus now is to play completely naked with a colonoscopy cam up your arse because otherwise he’s already composing the tweet he’s going to send to ruin your career once the game is over.

  17. thanks to Gotham I now no longer trust video titles with an excessive amount of question marks 👍

  18. Can't blame Magnus for being thrown off after everything he's been through.

  19. Find it interesting that the people who can weigh in on what a woman is can't identify what a watch is?

  20. The fact that Magnus is "high on the spectrum" can be really important in that case

  21. they should play in a loincloth in a padded room with two options: sumo wrestling or chess

  22. POV: When someone from Central Asia gallops with two horses

  23. Lol, return of skill share, what's next Raid shadow legends 😀

  24. I thought Magnus was done with classical

  25. Jewish goblin try not to lie for profit challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

  26. Maybe the FIDE regulations mean smart watches specifically; i.e. the 'smart' also refers to the watches and the pens, but idk.

  27. i agree with hikachu on this one…as much as I like magnus, he is becoming mentally weaker…he shouldn't be too afraid of cheating and just play his best. i mean, bro needs to believe in himself a bit real belief

  28. You can get rings and watches that doesn't look smart with vibrators in them. This is like where Counter-Strike tournaments they had no cheaters because 1. no-one would cheat in front of a crowd. and 2. they were allowed to bring their own USB mouse and keyboard which is abysmal.
    Its idiotic anticheat measurments

  29. Magnus couldn't focus and played THAT. I'm not of a skill to criticize Magnus, but if you're going to restrict your pieces like that, you better know what you're doing,

  30. Gotham went from commenting on drama to inciting drama. quality drop inc.

  31. bro we already established that skillshare was a scam. Gotham just greedy and trying to trick people that are unaware smh.

  32. Isn't Magnus losing his credibility by crying wolf once too often?!

  33. This is the equivalent to blowing an airhorn before a golf swing. It throws people off their game.

  34. you are making money of Magnus which is OK, but please stop the clickbait. not cool man

  35. Doesn't matter that it is an "analog" watch. There is potential for it to be a facade for cheating device.

  36. Analog watch is not an electronic device, where's the violation?

  37. Let the view milking continue, doesn't matter if it tarnishes Alisher's immortal

  38. im sorry can someone quickly explain why watches arent allowed? How could that possibly help with cheating?

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