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  1. No way, I can’t believe ding won in the end. Certainly some dramatic games in this world champs and but how many wins? I thought classical chess was all about constant draws! 🙂 great match overviews thank you.

  2. This has been the first world championship of chess i have cared about watching, and you made it so great and entertaining to watch, adding information outside of what's on the board, related to the players, etc. Thank you for casting/recapping what otherwise would be some awesome and interesting ultra highstakes matches that i wouldnt have watched.

  3. Ding LIren really was playing like 2016 Lebron a goated journey to the top

  4. the first part felt targeted towards me about chess on the toilet before work

  5. Let's go Ding! Wow! I held off watching the live stream just to hear your recap. Amazing ending. 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. At 21:09 operation LSB , Fun fact LSB is also known as Least Significant Bit 😂

  7. He was in the lead, then blundered and lost. After that he fell apart. Nepo isn't champion material. He doesn't have what it takes. Glad Ding won.

  8. 16:00, I just changed my thumbs up to thumbs down because of that. You have to stop nonsense like that

  9. YESSSSSSSSSSSS, the way you narrate chess games is like a sports commentator at the super bowl— props to you.

  10. ,,Hello, kowabunga on the diagonal” had me dying💀

  11. woah bro DIng is now a new nightmare for chess players

  12. What an absolute miracle run. Congrats to Ding

  13. Ding Chilling deserves it after how badly COVID almost ruined his career.
    Congrats Ding!

  14. I absolutely love your videos! Keep it up, super entertaining!

  15. I'm happy for Ding, but I'm genuinely worried for Ian given how anti war he's been. He'd be untouchable if he had won. Now he's lost that protection. 🙁

  16. I feel terrible for Ian but it's not like he really could have done anything more. I mean he gave it his best and well, sometimes that's how the cookie crumbles. Commiserations to him but what a well played match. I admit I felt pretty emotional seeing Ding win too, dude looked sooooo stressed during the entire affair. This was probably the highest level of chess we'll see in a long long time. I wish him a long and happy reign as world champion.

  17. Just a few years back ding was at the rock bottom….during covid…now look at him

  18. "You know what's worth more than a knight a Gotham subscriber" – Levy

  19. Yeah… Movie on this world championship will be great to watch on theatre, all the ups and downs and unable to predict a clear winner till 14th game
    This championship has got everything,
    In one word this championship is just …wow!!

  20. Ding's pawn to f5 = MORPHY CHANNELLED!!!

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