Niemann’s Combo So Good, Only A 2946 Could Find It

Hans Niemann’s Sacrifices Were So Good In This Game, Only A 2946 Could Find It. This is Hans Niemann vs Shreyas Royal in round 4 of the London Chess Classic 2023.

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  1. dude, this young Royal guy is noob. I would play better defense.

  2. He is so good….He plays as like he is an engine.

  3. Very much enjoy all the Hans accusers Cope when he wins … stay salty !

  4. Hey epic chess, thank you for the awesome videos commentaries. I was wondering if you could add the pgns or notation for each game… I would love to analyze them more. Thank you.

    P.s if possible

  5. G4 was only move! So stupid comment “ 2946 “ !!

  6. Niemann cheated vs msgnus now he isnt hes just good, but he gets media for free for beating -200s

  7. Ding gave an interview to chessbase India, he gave some inside and thought process during his championship matches against Ian. Worth a read

  8. Organizers have to work at paranoia level in the next otb tournaments to either clear Niemann's name or stop him from taking the chess world for a fool.

  9. We all know he cheated this game. The moves are just absolutely incredible.

    "He's turned on the heat for round 4" = "He's turned on the beads for round 4"

  10. The chess is lovely but actions have consequences, I just can't help but think something is fishy about his play. I still can't forgot that famous terrible post game analysis…. I don't know. He doesn't do himself any favours does he with his attitude, but it's all exciting stuff in the chess world.
    EDIT: Hans nut swingers, shush and get back in your boxes. Cheers.

  11. Looked further into Yan Chenhlong…. BBC reporting may well have been false accusation re anal beads

  12. Today Yan Chenglong reported to have been banned from a traditional form of Chinese chess as he was found to have been using IT enabled anal beads. He was a very popular and top class player but after winning a game he drank too much with friends he is reported to have damaged hotel property by defecating in a bathtub …,., just how the enabled beads were found is not reported.

  13. Amazing Game! Thx for this, very entertaining

  14. “Only a 2946 could find it” … Niemann of course is not a 2946 level player, so I suppose this is meant as a bit of … interesting … humor. Even more humorous is the clickbait “The next Fischer?”

  15. What's the Niemans purchase of the year? Vibrating butt plug with cheating capabilities😂 this cheater is really making fun of all the chess community

  16. Those without self-confidence are drawn to supporting cheaters. It's a shame. You can do better.

  17. Hanz name will be forever tarnished. Admitted serial cheater. Im sure he a strong player and most likely learned from the cheating, but every accolade will come with an *.

  18. Great video. Hans has some interesting games. Would love to see him get a rematch with Carlson but he will have to earn it. He does have the advantage of being younger but these days he’s not all that young with all the prodigies coming along so you have to be really good to get a chance to play against the best of the best.

  19. Damn, I just can't believe that changing the color of your beads really improves your games. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. The double rook sacrifice is the kind of dramatics we learn from puzzles so I wouldn't completely rule that out as natural but I wouldn't rule out cheating either.

  21. at 9:00 wouldnt bishop to h6 be a better move? that was my guess to what the next move woulda been

  22. Instead of N on h4 jumping to Nf3.
    Hans could have played Rxg8 removing the defender of h6. If black recaptures with his rook then Qxh6#

  23. To even be measured by the yardstick of Fischer is an achievement that few others will ever shake a yardstick at

  24. Ding Liren will play in the tata steel chess tournament

  25. Royal blundered heavily and soon it was game over. What's so special obout this game?

  26. Lmaooo are you paid or something? They rig the election and the Superbowl… and you think this guy is Bobbt Fischer?!? 😂 Wow.

  27. was hans always this strong when he was younger? Or is he making 3000 rated moves recently?

  28. Hes getting better. The next few years will be fun.

  29. Indeed, Hans Niemann reminds me of Bobby Fischer. Great chess player – horrible temper.

  30. I'm learning but it looks to me that even though the comp thought things were just in favour of Roy at 4:00, that was the tipping point for the Hans win.

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