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  1. Isabel was the one bot I hate, because she's always winning me, and now, when you defeated her the second time, I feel SOOO F*CKING WELL❤❤❤ THANK YOU LEVY, THANK YOU SO MUCH❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. What if stockfish is programmed to stalemate and levy plays against it to not stalemate. Even if he loses, we count it as a win for humanity

  3. Levy: Did this guy just get his Knight trapped?! This is an 1800 level bot, what?!
    Also Levy: is a 2800 rated player who got his own knight trapped by a trash 1600 bot

  4. who watched the whole video in one sitting?

  5. Bro imagine taking en passent while also taking another piece in the procces

  6. Levy please make recaps of Global chess league

  7. can't believe I actually watched an hour and a half chess video the last month me wouldn't believe it

  8. Bro woke up and said lets get disrespected again

  9. I Can imagine hell for levy would be playing 1800 rated bots for eternity 💀

  10. Levy pls play master bots. We want some tips please.

  11. Bro the Julia bot that levy played WAS NOT Julia like wtf ☠️ I'm 900 rapid and I beat her easily.. that ain't no bot he played that was the devilish reincarnation of mittens dawg

  12. Can you analize julia's games with an engine? Its probably educational

  13. When I see the titles it makes me think that levy is losing his mind after every video

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