PCL 2023 | Magnus Carlsen Battles Sam Sevian As Canada Chessbrahs Take On The Garden State Passers

Including the world’s top chess players, the Pro Chess League (PCL) is the number one online global chess league for teams across the world! The event features 16 teams playing rapid games for their piece of the $150,000 prize fund.

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  1. tania has never looked better. god damn she's gorgeous

  2. Ngl, Tanya's English can be really painful at times. Not cause of the accent but because of the way she builds her sentences.

  3. Lol Canty sounds like the guy from the hood

  4. Canada Chessbrahs won inspite of Hansen! great job !!

  5. No wonder Magnus was dominating in this match considering the hair.

  6. Tanya-danya really great at it. Kept me hooked for almost 5 hours

  7. Last year I think he was beating players like Ding and Anish in this tourney. Sadly this match was not it for the dad bod.

  8. If that was mediocre magnus then what the hell is good magnus

  9. It is lonely at the top. Like every superstar in every sport its hard for the champ to understand why everyone else suck so bad.

  10. Ouellet – Saric – Razvan – Magnus next match will be unbeatable

  11. Magnus threw Eric under the bus, ran him over and then put that bitch in reverse 😂

  12. Eric is a bit better than Aman, but Aman is better under pressure. So maybe we'll see Aman later in the competition

  13. lmao…. do these guys use Chess Pro – Multiplayer & AI from the Unity asset store to practice? How are they playing against all these UCI chess engines? either way I bought it rly cool and fun to try.

  14. The Chess brahs roster looks real tough till you calculate none of the top 3 can play together. I love Eric Hansen I think he’s a great player but he doesn’t seem to cover well under pressure

  15. Why is danya calling Daniil Daniel? Is it that hard to get their names right?

  16. You'd think a guy with a name like naroditsky would know how to pronounce pirc and Alekhine correctly.

  17. Sachdev, go commentate in Indian channels. Stop shouting here

  18. Magnus the 🐐 LOL “I played mediocre chess” 4/4

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