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Praggnanandhaa R (2690) – Maghsoodloo, Parham (2719)
V. Geza Hetenyi Memorial | GM ( [2] 2023.07.12
A29 English, four knights, kingside fianchetto

1.c4 e5 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.g3 d5 5.cxd5 Nxd5 6.Bg2 Nb6 7.O-O Be7 8.a3 O-O 9.b4 Be6 10.d3 f6 11.Ne4 Qd7 12.Rb1 Rab8 13.Bb2 a6 14.Qc2 Ba2 15.Rbc1 Qe6 16.Ned2 a5 17.bxa5 Nxa5 18.Bc3 Ra8 19.Bh3 Qf7 20.Bxa5 Rxa5 21.Qxc7 Bd8 22.Qc3 Ra6 23.d4 exd4 24.Nxd4 Be7 25.Ra1 Na4 26.Qc2 Bc5 27.N4b3 Bxb3 28.Nxb3 Ba7 29.Bg2 f5 30.e3 g5 31.Rad1 Kh8 32.Rd5 Rc6 33.Qd2 Rf6 34.Rb5 f4 35.Rxb7 fxe3 36.Rxf7

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:38 Game Starts!
03:45 Completely New Game!
13:00 It Wa In This Position!
17:05 FUN STORY!

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  1. I can't say I like the new fonts for the words but I do like the new sleek design of the overlays

  2. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    2nd: TIMESTAMPS PLEASE #SUGGESTION or why not let viewers make timestamps in comments then you can pin the best timestamp comment and copy the timestamps to the video description?

    magnus cheats anish in round 7 superbet blitz –> 3:22:36 in 8gw7XDq87C4 #suggestion

    Why does Magnus play 3 gentile non-American cheaters Sébastien, Parham & Pranav but not Jewish American cheater Hans?

    Other suggestions related to women in chess:

    A – Anna Cramling's dad beats Mikhail Tal. #suggestion

    B – Hans Niemann vs Rochelle Wu in 2023 US Open #suggestion

    C – Philippine women's chess #suggestion – WGM Janelle Frayna, the 1st and only Philippine WGM, upset Georgian GM (really GM not just WGM) Bela Khotenashvili at the 2022 world blitz.

    There's a 13-move UNDERPROMOTION puzzle here.

    [Variant "From Position"]

    [FEN "6k1/6b1/1p1P3p/6pP/3pPpP1/p2NqP2/6K1/5Q2"]

    1. Qd1 a2 2. Qb3+ Kf8 3. d7 Qe2+ 4. Nf2 Ke7 5. Qd5 Kd8 6. Qe6 Bf6 7. Qe8+ Kc7 8. Qc8+ Kd6 9. e5+ Qxe5 10. d8=R+ Bxd8 11. Qxd8+ Kc6 12. Qa8+ Kb5 13. Qxa2

    For some reason none of the Philippine channels except Kelvinllovejr even cover this game. LOL. But Janelle did cover the game where e drew against Nemo, so maybe Janelle will cover this game later on.

    2016 WCC – This is relevant to the 2023 WCC.

    Please agad cover the other decisive game of the Sergey Karjakin vs Magnus Carlsen 2016 WCC #suggestion

    What happened is that Magnus lost to Sergey AS WHITE in Game 8 but then compensated for a white loss with A WHITE WIN in Game 10. This is what happened to Liren Ding & Nepo for Games 2 & 4 of 2023 WCC.

    Why doesn't a drawn match go to the player w/ more black wins (if any) s.t. Sergey Karjakin not Magnus Carlsen is 2016 WCC & Ian Nepomniachtchi not Liren Ding is 2023 WCC?

    This has happened BEFORE!


    2022 Accentus Chess960

    Vincent Keymer and Nodirbek Abdusattorov both finished with 5.0/7 and tied first. However, as Keymer won more games with Black, he won the tournament on tiebreak.


    1980 – 1981 candidates tournament

    'When the quarterfinal between Portisch and Spassky was tied after 14 games, Portisch was declared the winner because he had won more games with Black.'

    Actually maybe cover the only 2 decisive games here if not already? #suggestion


    1983-1984 candidates tournament

    It wasn't repeated! The premise was the same! Hübner had more black wins than Smyslov before tiebreaks. After tiebreaks were tied, a ROULETTE determined Symslov won!!

    Actually maybe cover the only 2 decisive games here if not already? #suggestion

    Lastly Agad, how isn't FIDE's use of the term 'slow rapid' a conspiracy against Wesley So in the 2022 WFRCC to favour Magnus & Hikaru?

    Afaik :
    (0,10) is blitz.
    [10,60) is rapid.
    [60,120) is unrated classical.
    [120,infinity) is rated classical.

    So what's 'slow rapid'?

    Try to check out the maths here – they said both 32.5min & 60min are 'slow rapid'. Does this strike you as odd?

    The maths :

    1 – In some websites games are counted as 40 moves but in FIDE games are counted as 60 moves. Eg 8min+2sec increment is counted as 10min (rapid) in FIDE but 9min20sec (blitz) in some websites.

    2 – 2019 WFRCC a game is slow rapid if it's 45min for 40 moves PLUS AFTERWARDS a bonus time of 15min

    –> Fide counts games as 60 moves NOT 40 MOVES so it's 45+15=60

    – 2022 WFRCC a game is slow rapid if it's 25min for 30 moves PLUS AFTERWARDS a bonus of 5min and 5 sec increment.

    –> again 60min so 25+5+(60-30)x5/60=32.5

    I see only 2 possible definitions for slow & fast rapid.

    Def 1 –
    slow rapid means unrated classical [60,120)
    fast rapid is rapid [10,60).

    –> This means Wesley So is not classical WFRCC but slow rapid WFRCC. But then! Hikaru is (fast) rapid WFRCC.

    Def 2 – slow rapid & fast rapid cut up rapid [10,60) into resp

    Slow rapid [35,60)
    Fast rapid [10,35).

    –> 2 issues here. 60min is not in either of these. Also, 32.5 is in [10,35). So neither 60 nor 32.5 are slow rapid. Lol. Wesley So & Hikaru again different WCs: Wesley So is classical WFRCC while Hikaru is again fast rapid WFRCC.

    Def3 – But ok well … Since 15+2=17 is fast rapid, I guess

    [10,X) fast rapid
    [X,120) slow rapid for some 17 < X < 32.5.

    Like say X is some arbitrary number like X=20 or X=30.

    [30,120) is slow rapid?!?!!

    Lol yeah right!!







    P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See


  3. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Why would anyone like Magnus, Daniil, Garry or Hikaru? Some Iranians say Alireza ( and Mohammadreza? ) Firouzja is a traitor to Iran. ( Source: xbw4kx ) I have no idea if that's true ( anyone have ideas? ), but :

    What do Daniil & Hikaru have in common? Both betray their country for Magnus.

    Why does Magnus play 3 gentile non-American cheaters Sébastien, Parham & Pranav but not Jewish American cheater Hans? Bobby Fischer was friends with Sam Reshevsky, Judit & Susan Polgar, so…

    Magnus is worse than Bobby?

    – bad guys : magnus carlsen, garry kasparov, daniil dubov, veselin topalov, hikaru nakamura, liren ding

    – good guys : wesley so, bobby fischer, sergey karjakin, vladimir kramnik, hans niemann, ian nepomniachtchi

    – Like 'allies of evil' vs 'axis of evil' that Bobby Fischer said in 2005 in Iceland press conference ( ARNSi0cPu60 )

    SayNoTo2900 GodBlessAmerica GodBlessIsrael SayYesTo2800

    Bobby Fischer would agree with me.
    Bobby Fischer would agree with me.
    Bobby Fischer would agree with me.

    We both are mentally unwell (I have ADHD-PH), hate chess & have many friends in the Philippines. Eugene Torre, Bobby Fischer's best friend, accepted my friend request. Wesley So would be Bobby's favourite.


    (Wait actually I'm starting to figure the Alireza thing a little more. Wow. This is insane, REGARDLESS whoever is telling the truth. Anyway…)

    Hikaru Nakamura is almost as evil as the Hikaru in Oshi no Ko. Magnus Carlsen is almost as evil as Light Yagami.

    – Hikaru BASELESSLY sided w/ Magnus over Hans re that
    – Magnus BASELESSLY and HYPOCRITICALLY accused Hans of cheating OTB even though Magnus cheated Anish, Alexandra, Alireza, Danya & Nepo?!
    – How would Hans cheat OTB (i mean for real) w/o help from Chris Bird or Rex Sinquefield ?!?!!

    Is Magnus accusing St Louis Chess Club of an American conspiracy to cheat Magnus?!!?!!!! LOL!!!!

    I was told by oprocyona in 2022 Oct:

    'Many decisions in tournament chess are made to favor the player that brings in the most sponsorship dollars and views, which is undoubtedly Magnus. There's also no doubt that Magnus generally dislikes americans- he said so on one of the Magnus effect podcast episodes.'


    – FIDE lowers WFRCC time controls from classical 2019 to rapid 2022 to lower AMERICAN Wesley So's odds wanting Magnus / traitor Hikaru to win after Magnus quit 2023 WCC


    – chessc*m kicked out AMERICAN Hans Niemann of 2022 CGC wanting to please Magnus after Magnus quit 2022 Sinquefield Cup.


    Now, Daniil & Hikaru are traitors for Magnus but not Norway, which was never the villain. Magnus is the villain (but not a supervillain like Hans Niemann. cf Megamind). Will you be surprised if Daniil & Hikaru change federations to Norway?


    Hikaru Nakamura is a traitor to the US for BASELESSLY siding with Magnus Carlsen over fellow American Hans Niemann.

    There's an episode of American Dragon Jake Long where Jake is accidentally sold by h friends. Here, Hans is intentionally sold by h compatriot. (Hans is Jake. Rotwood is Magnus.)

    American Dragon Jake Long
    American Traitor Hikaru Nakamura.

    They're both Americans of East Asian descent. Lol.


    Daniil Dubov is a traitor to Jews & Russians for siding with Magnus over fellow Jewish Russians Ian Nepomniachtchi & Sergey Karjakin in the 2021 WCC.


    Garry Kasparov cheated fellow Jew Judit Polgar in the 1994 Linares.

    This makes Garry


    a traitor to Jews since Judit is Jewish


    necessarily not greatest or most talented of all time (MTOAT) because you can't be valedictorian if you cheated


    a mentor of Magnus Carlsen who similarly cheated Anish Giri, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Alireza Firouzja, Danya Naroditsky & Ian Nepomniachtchi.

    Magnus & Garry are a more evil pair than Hans Niemann & Maxim Dlugy.


    Also some Americans or Philippine people / Filipinos / Filipinas are traitors if they don't consider Wesley So the REAL world champion for the period 2019Nov – 2023Mar. (Kidding…sort of.)

    – T5.1

    Or worse, they consider Wesley So a traitor for moving to the US when Eugene Torre supports the decision which was practically forced due to the corruption of Philippine chess president Prospero Pichay Jr who was somehow re-elected in 2022 July despite being convicted of graft in 2022 June. Probably the same reason Arianne Caoili (Levon Aronian's dead spouse) left the Philippines for Australia. Try telling Levon that Arianne was a traitor.



    – T5.2

    Oh also 1 person did tell me e didn't like Wesley So because of what Wesley So said to h bio mom Leny So. Leny So & Prospero Pichay are HUGE traitors to Philippine chess.
    – Also Leny So said to Wesley So 'putang ina mo.'
    – Wesley So's response: 'Kinda funny that.' LOL.

    – T5.3

    Which is the greater number?

    A – Filipinos / Filipinas who became interested in 9LX soon after Wesley So won 2019 classical WFRCC?

    B – Japanese who became interested in 9LX soon after Hikaru Nakamura, who NEVER WON CLASSICAL 9LX, won 2022 rapid WFRCC?

    Last I checked 1 > 0

    – T5.4

    Oh also based on Bobby Fischer's 2001Apr28 interview, I think Roberto Pe Ang aka Bobby Ang is a traitor too because Bobby Ang was an apologist for Paramount Pictures, in particular the late Sumner Redstone. Bobby Fischer said Bobby Ang is a 'CIA rat working for the' you know Gasai who.

    Source :



    Oh actually I think Magnus is a traitor to Scandinavia / Nordics because Hans is of Scandinavian or Nordic descent or something? Idk.






    P.S. Please help get American Wesley So on Jewish American Lex Fridman's podcast. See


  4. The new font used for the names of the player is a bit harder to read on smaller screens. I had to zoom in to be able to read it.

  5. Tal is back! I can sleep at night again 😀

  6. Wow, c4 — by nullifying multiple openings — literally makes it as an opening itself, an 'explosive' move!

    Good game, as usual!

  7. I suggest that you experiment with other fonts.

  8. This board is kind of dull honestly… Bring bsck the old one please

  9. #suggestion Please bring back the old layout…its not that the new layout isn’t good, just that the old layout looked kinda simple and easy to follow

  10. I am surprised it took him this long to read 2700….

  11. Absolutely stunning tournament from Pragg, excited to see what else he can do in the future.

  12. Hi Agadmator,

    It would be great if you can change the font as current ones looks bit shady.

    Please take this on a positive note.

    All the best!

    MS from India

  13. It looks way better this way with the more neutral borders. This one I can get used to.

  14. This layout actually looks fine. It's just that we're very much acquainted with the old layout.

  15. c4 the English Defense. OK. I like the new format.

  16. None of you guys have completely watched the video till the end at the moment I'm typing this comment.

  17. The knight on the rim is dim or grim?! 😂😂😂

  18. I see that you changed the board. Looks ok, but me and probably everyone else are very much used to the classic one 😀
    Also, guys, am I the only one who finds the font used in the tournament name a bit disturbing? I personally would prefer to see a different one, or maybe just smaller gaps between letters

  19. For any of the new viewers who missed the tournament , pragg has won it by a clear 1 point

  20. I'll never understand the OP slang in gaming. It stands for "overpowered" but wouldn't that logically mean the opposite of what they are trying to say? Overpowered would mean others are too powerful for you. Shouldn't it be overpowering?

  21. The opening breaks the chain there side pawn for center pawn. Gives the king a bigger wall and shuts down that diagonal targeting if a center pawn is missing.

  22. Didn't this guy have a nice mole on his face? Or ama'i crazy?

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