Ridiculous chess bot

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  1. Gotham: "I am better than you, or at least a better chess player."Magnus watching this:

  2. Don"t worry Levy Julia is so underrated 😂

  3. Yeah u noob play with me fyjt8 my account name(I'm just kidding but really try me)

  4. I am smarter than you,or at least im a better chess playerMagnus Carlsen and Albert Einstein:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I'm 1300 elo yet I can't beat cdawgva bot who's 900 elo like wtf?

  6. you arent smarter than me.What did I eat for breakfast today? ANSWER IS DOWNNothing.

  7. Bro I’m a 300 player and i beat this with no help💀

  8. Magnus watching this short like:Tf who u think u are

  9. Are bots with a specific elo Actually harder than players with the same elo

  10. Bro premoved last time and lost in 3 seconds dat video💀

  11. I get numbers like 1800 and 2300 are ranks, but what do the numbers mean?

  12. *when Magnus watches this video him: keep talking nerd

  13. Levy:I'm a better chess player. Magnus watching this video: 💀💀💀

  14. I’ll be honest those bots try to replicate people but they can’t so they’ll do like one dumb move and if you get it you’re lucky. If you don’t your hit with 6 of the nastiest combos a bot can get you. It will check you into a spot and have you there until everything fits like a puzzle and your done for

  15. My rapid rating is like 1050, but I defeated 1800 elo Samay Raina's bot fair & square.🌚

  16. Bots in shooting games – 🤡
    Bots in chess – 💀

  17. "I'm better in chess than you"
    hikaru and magnus watching this vid

  18. Him: I am a better chess player then u
    Magnus watching: really??

  19. I am smarter then you.

    What when Magnus See this Video.😏

  20. I am 300 elo but beat a bot with 1000 elo so the bots are not a good way to measure elo

  21. I've been stuck on Isabel for about 6 months…

  22. I can feel your pain, blundered so many moves against the Scanner bot. But won somehow.

  23. For once in my chess life, I don’t feel so bad about myself losing to 1.5k+ ELO bots

  24. Levy: i am better at chess than youMagnus watching this video:

  25. Hikaru canmake the funniest comment ever rn XD

  26. Magnus watching the beginning of his video

  27. I lose to 1800 bot, you too, so yu no smarter than me

  28. im winning against 2300 elo bot 💪🏻

  29. How did he lose to 1800? I beat an 1800 bot. I even beat a 2000 bot. Granted it took me like 20 attempts 😂

  30. Magnus Carlson hearing those first few sentences getting

  31. this is the second video i have watched in the past ten minutes that starts with 'i am smarter than you'

  32. No you're not wrong I can't even beat all the beginner bots

  33. I beat a lot of nerds like me from grade 2-12 and they never understood the number 1 rule in chess. When i understood this faster then all of them. They couldn't understand why i never lost. Not you probably dont know they number one rule in chess. Its called…… You're answer?

  34. "Is there pawn to c3?

  35. Fax (even though I lose to Martin)

  36. “I am smarter then you”💀💀💀💀

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