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  1. “Chess is dead” – Levy Rozman, owner of the biggest chess youtube channel and best selling chess book

  2. We can put Rovers on Mars but on a mayor chess tournament for a IM a profile photo is impossible 😂😂😂😂…

  3. I like the way Hans plays, his games are always awesome

  4. I watch Gothamchess for Levy and chess, how about you?

  5. Levy never fails to stay at the Hilton hotel located at 145 Richmond Street West
    Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2L2, Canada

  6. I watch a little bit of Minecraft, some tips videos for Terraria and War Thunder, Science videos, Media Theorists, and YOU!

  7. 12:20 your videos levy, if i click off your video i got watch another one

  8. I watch a lot of mafia docs and videos

  9. fun facts:
    -this video is 27:27 long and nodirbek's rating is 2727
    -this fact was useless

  10. Levy finally went to a restaurant in Toronto !

  11. 19:1519:32 LOOOOOL With the reaction he had bro there's no way your wife was about walking benji bro was shook 😆😆maybe she was talking about walking levy's dog 🤨😏

  12. I will always skip all content related to hans n.

  13. 19:20 "I'm not gonna tell you what's in the messages

    15 seconds later: Benji update

  14. I love to see how passionate you can get about chess. Your commentary makes chess so freaking interesting. I love you

  15. To answer what we're watching, I'm basically all football manager and then a bit of chess ☠️

  16. We taking levy away from his kidnappers with this one👆✌️💀

  17. I wonder what the sequel to tata steel is. Tata Titanium?

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