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  1. I watch chess and pop science on youtube. also some videos about games

  2. I love these click baits! I see a new levy video, I laugh, and then I immediately watch the video. Love the videos😎

  3. Levy never fails to get a clickbait 🤗🤗

  4. Just received your book after almost a month of waiting. Content seems awesome, haven't gotten much time to read it. But im sure it wil be great for my 2 boys of 6 and 7.

  5. I mostly watch tech videos about every subject

  6. Gukesh is a great player but he lacks the killer instinct..which his rival nordiberk has.

  7. No basketball skills but all hustle !!! Much respect.

  8. I watch socio-economics debates on youtube beside you mr.gotham

  9. Levy will you please review my game plzzz. (200 elo)

  10. I watch you and Bloons TD Battles and Bloons TD Battles 2

  11. Levy won – "NEW ERA OF CHESS"
    Levy lost – "RIP CHESS"

  12. You asked what other YT content we watch: Levy I watch your yts and occasionally something by the Botez sisters or Miss Cramling for chess content. I watch the chess india content when it shows up on FB because that's how I was introduced to it. Other than that I watch an amazing competitive eater from Leeds, Beard Meats Food, and Magic The Gathering content.

  13. levy never fails to give his audience a hans job

  14. I'm throwing spaghetti at the wall, could the A5 move actually be a waiting move since black doesn't want to move any of their major pieces?

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