ROUND 5 – Prague Chess Festival

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  1. Hammer is an excellent host! Never thought I'd enjoy watching live Chess play this much.

  2. I watched this from midnight 'til 4.30am. I crashed out a few minutes before Alex won. 😅

  3. I am very excited to see both of you in the red Adidas track suits tomorrow 😂
    Today's game was very intense. Congratulations to both of you on winning 🎉♥️

    W Banana 🗿

  4. I don't understand youtube. Why isn't this video appearing in the channel, also rounds 1 to 4.Good thing this was in my history when I watched a bit when this was live.

  5. Why GM Hammer is so surprised when Andrea playing well?And Andrea… No the 8yo girl of the tournament is still Romy,

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