Saddest Chess Moment 💔 #shorts


  1. I love Rapport's nice, humble and human attitude

  2. Great video. You showed the board for a few whole seconds and topped it off with some annoying music.

  3. Quando aprenderemos a ter essa humildade a evolução daqueles filmes do futuro vai acontecer nas nossas relações entre seres humanos ❤

  4. Have u ever blunder after 3 moves? 😅

  5. Chessbase come on don't embrace these overly dramatic ridiculous songs in videos. It's one game, he didn't lose the world championship or his house, not the saddest moment

  6. Other dude
    Very respectful
    Loved his nature

  7. Pragg has admirable character and maturity. He would make a likeable WC.

  8. An amateurs inaccuracy is a blunder for a gm

  9. Be6 is an INSANE move my jaw literally dropped when I understood. Unstoppable promotion. Gorgeous tactic

  10. rapport deserves more cause he is so kind

  11. well how the 2nd blunder is really an blunder ??

    aint the rook gonna move a8 nd win black's rook?

  12. really see his whole psyche crumble here, unfortunate for the young fella

  13. Damn, Baljeet blundered to Kurt Cobain </3

  14. Blunder = rancho colapso; morro supino.😅

  15. Muy bien, Rapport. No quiso análisis para no hacer más leña del árbol caído.

  16. Что за красавица обернулась?

  17. its ok Progg you will win ❤❤🙏🙏

  18. My bullet games are way more dramatic even up there with human relationships and love ❤

  19. The world before:
    No difference
    The world after:
    No difference

  20. Pragg will probably become the best someday

  21. Ever heard people say/ask, "how would you feel if this happened to you?", trying to put the person in their shoes? Some people can, without even trying, actually feel another person's pain and suffering. Rapport is one of those people.

    We're actually born this way. For a reason. Unfortunately, most are corrupted by the world that they only focus on themselves.

  22. good to know not all superGMs have to be a-holes

  23. То есть извинился за то что проиграл?😂

  24. Making a blunder in a winning position makes me want to quit chess. One mistake gets you punished severely.

  25. This is the best greentext I've read in awhile.

  26. Pragg: blunder 1
    Pragg: blunder 2

  27. and I'm here still wondering why its a blunders?

  28. Can someone explain to me how he loses white? I mean, after the bishop's move, White captures the rook and how does Black win in that position?

  29. Heh, what a blunder amateur. I'll show him how to blunder, I'm a master.

  30. India will again regain its cheas Thorne , afterall India is the motherland of chess and geniuses ❤

  31. Rapport is such a sweet guy love him ❤

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