She Missed Checkmate……..

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  1. “Yea you missed mate for like 2 moves.” -some smart ass.

    “And SHE missed it for 3.” – levy

  2. It wouldn’t be ladder mate tho on the initial showing of the board. That had me confused. White had two stacked rooks so if he tried ladder mate she could block then trade rooks.

  3. GothamChess also said in another video:
    "I always think what would magnus do in this position, then I remember Magnus will not get in this kind of position"

  4. "she's not gonna see it" how tf did she not check her king

  5. Bro became Nicocado avocado there for a second

  6. Even though it's a casual otb between two friends isn't it not great chess etiquette as a spectator to voice lines or give hints out loud.

  7. This is actually a good opening. I tried a few games so far haven’t lost a single game with it. 😊

  8. Anyone wondering the mate in one was rook to a1

  9. Did anyone else think it was music at one point when levy was hitting the clock?😂 So rhythmic

  10. He should be asking what would Frank play tbh

  11. Christian: what would Jesus do
    Chess player: What would MAGNUS FREAKIN CARLSEN do?

  12. Bhaiya aap padhai aur pooja ko balance kaise karte the?
    please help kijiye.
    thank you

  13. Levy:"What does magnus play in this position"
    'Misses the checkmate '

  14. “He’s better than both of us” 😂

  15. why not "What would Hikaru play in this position"

  16. She just need to do rook e1 tren levy knight c6 Then just do it

  17. Gotta do more of these vids in the natdex tier. prankster has never looked so good

  18. She even didnt see his checkmate which could be avoided

  19. the chess version of what will Jesus do 😂

  20. Bro is casually playing chess in Paris next to the louvre

  21. Bruhh i keep searching how to check mate him, but it's turned out it was the white that's gonna be check in one😂

  22. Wait his name is LevY? He must be my nemesis as everyone thinks that's how my name is pronounced….

  23. Smaller unknown players like Magnus should get the shout-out they deserve

  24. "magnus is in my brain" "i can feel him coming inside of me"

  25. Levy is so majestic that even magnus get into his brain for helping him😮

  26. Did you get the dancehall beat at the beginning😄 is Levy a drummer because that was a clean sound

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