The Best Chess Players Over Time (Estimated By Accuracy)

Take a journey through the history of chess and see the best chess players over time. The X-axis represents the year and Y-axis represents Elo estimated by accuracy as calculated by

This visual representation allows you to see when players like Bobby Fisher, Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, and Jose Capablanca performed across history.

Data and Methodology:

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  1. 0:20 Lmao I thought Morphy suddenly became so good he went off the chart and never came back down, then I realized he probably died.

  2. Kasumpa sumpa kang PAMILYA ka hayup ka hayup ka hayup ka kidnapper rapist demon hayup ka puts ka hayup ka sa ginawa NYo sa BUHAY nmin yawa KA

  3. Take nothing away from the others, but Bobby Fischer is the greatest talent to ever play chess

  4. if they stop that mean's they died “creepy”

  5. And they say Fischer was crazy.. how sad.. one of the brightest minds of the century.. NPCs call him crazy… hahaha.. insane

  6. 1. Fischer
    2. Kasparov
    3. Carlson
    4. Casablanca
    5. Morphy

    Honourable mentions goes to Kramnik and of course Anand. His longevity is frankly amazing, and the fact he can play to this high standard even in his 50s is just admirable.

  7. The bottom line if thus video is: the accuracy ratings fail to produce meaningful results.


  8. The chessplayers of today has computers for training.

  9. There are no signficant games of Morphy before 1857 or after 1859. How come he has a rating in these years?

  10. Very surprised with that Poluagevsky guy!? Then Accuracy does not necessarily mean uktimate success, hmm…. There should be a graph about stamina( Karpov almost died against Kasparov and Capa’s BP problems took their toll; could the same be said of Akiba’s and Fischer’s mental health??)

  11. morphy fischer garry chess… jeez domination

  12. At one point in 1969 Bobby Fisher’s estimated performance rating was over 300 points more than the second place competitor… think about that.

  13. Chess Titans (level 10)
    World Champion 2006 – ???

  14. For judit pulgor bieng around them is insane, props

  15. Euwe being ranked higher than Alekhine for most of their careers?

  16. Where’s Emory Tate on the list? I thought he was one of the best of all time. 🤔 I’m new to chess though.

  17. Need to add Hans Smoke Nieman to the list

  18. There is a report that Fischer had used the stockfish engine at the time. It is unfair…

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