The Greatest Brilliant Move In History

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  1. wow to The Greatest Brilliant Move In History

  2. 14:30 Stockfish before the move: These people are still playing on a drawn game and call themselves IMs?
    14:40 Stockfish after the move: Now, on the second thought…

  3. Lol, 7:50 I suppose we all just assumed she spent 8 minutes trying to remember how to castle

  4. My browser stockfish on new account and default settings saw QG3 immediately, I think you lowered the depth a lot in your browser for this video lol.

  5. kidnappers never fail to let levy make his videos

  6. What about moves Kg6 and Kh3 (this can be a draw)?

  7. It is not that extremely hard if you know it’s a puzzle but to find it in an OTB game is beautiful.

  8. I've only ever had brilliant moves by accident

  9. Personally I prefer the calm demeanor, but I appreciate your content either way.

  10. Getting 3 brilliant moves in a single game against a 1200 bot. Good or bad?

  11. The fact that I am a 1100 and saw the brilliant move immediately was crazy. And then I saw the knight fork and wondered how stupid I actually was…

  12. Every levy video make me wanna quit chess, I'm not built for this 😔

  13. the person who got offended is probably around 200 elo😂

  14. from where do you get these examples and matches

  15. London's latitude is 51 degrees while NY is 40 I guess that is why it's dark early. I tried finding my latitude but Alexa did not understand.

    I knew we were further north but not to that extent.

    All the best.

  16. Great timing. Got my (I think) first brilliant move yesterday but based on this it turns out not all Brilliant moves are equal ! 🤯

  17. the amount of roasts levy put out in this video is higher than my rating

  18. Hey levy, I bought your book it is a very good book for beginners and I became very good at chess.

  19. The commenters never fail to write a "never fails" type of comment :/ …

  20. This is quite crazy.

    While i saw knight e7 early i didnt understand how to convert it properly :/
    Got like half my assumed moves right

  21. Hasn't Magnus said his favourite opening is the Spanish?

  22. btw it's pronounced Tso-la(h)-kee-doo (it's because a "OY" which is equivalent to the "oo" sound, gets transliterated to "ou" for names).

  23. Περήφανος για την Σταυρούλα 🇬🇷

  24. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🔱🔱🔱💙💛🦅🦅🦅 Українці, єднаймося!!!

  25. "If my neighbours can hear me recording they should knock on the walls, that would be interesting"
    Ten seconds later
    "I cant tell if someone just knocked my door or if I am imagining things"


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