The Greatest Brilliant Move In History

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  1. We do not like the quieter demeanor to answer your question.

  2. bro my jaw was out for the whole last 5 min

  3. What if that lamp in the back was on?

  4. I clicked because of the thumbnail, you looking majestic n shit

  5. I'm so glad Levy's kidnapper is charitable enough as to keep changing his room

  6. This is truly the most brilliant game I've ever seen

  7. Levi never fails to whisper talk in his London hotel room

  8. was hoping this was a World of Warcraft video.

  9. Levy:"I саn't really yell too much,because it's late"
    Levy later:"Oh,I am so sneaky OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  10. Why did you change the title of this video? 😅

  11. I like these calm videos ~ very nice for when im studying or working on my own projects ~

  12. One can really appreciate that you despite being in a hotel room in a different country you still take the time and effort to record a video so that poeple can watch a new entertaining upload after a long day. Best chess youtuber.

  13. never would've guessed that this title was an honest one and not a clickbait…

  14. Hey Levy. Not that it's a big deal but Tsolakidou is pronounced like this: "Ts" is a "Ch" sound as in "chance", "ou" is like "would" and the tone (idk how else to call Iit) is on "i" so it's "Cholakìdou". Also in Greek d is pronounced like the "th" in "the".
    Again, not that's it's a big deal, I'm pretty sure close to no one cares but you made a whole video on Stavroula's move so at least pronounce her surname right 🙂

  15. I do like the calm format. Also FYI Mr. beast has statistically shown that closed-mouth thumbnails beat open-mouthed for clicks by a big margin.

  16. It's good to know that cocaine is still affordable and in abundance in London

  17. She also got an individual board 1 bronze medal at the etcc. In the 6 months since she graduated from college, she gained back almost all of the 65 ELO she "lost to studying" for 4 years.

  18. Heeey my country having tournaments!!🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪🇲🇪

  19. Levy, I am up and coming. Having fun. I ordered your book today and hope it takes me to promise land thanks for your help bro

  20. Levy never fails to WOW us with his video titles!

  21. i love when travel levy does the episodes, i hate home levy

  22. The only move I didn't see was knight e7, other than that I saw every move that would follow it

  23. Left never fails to deliver despite being held hostage.

  24. Levy never fails to change his titles.

  25. Me who got his first brilliant move from a mouseslip

  26. Don't listen to the haters. I liked the more calm presentation.

  27. Couldn't Black play Ng6 to stop the checkmate? I'm pretty rusty when it comes to chess, having not played it regularly for many years. But Ng6 seems like it would halt checkmate and stop any piece for piece shenanigans.

  28. I’ve never seen such a beautiful Queen move! HOOOOOOOOLY!!!

  29. Yesterday I thought I blunder a knight, and when I checked the game it result it was a Brilliant. But then I blundered, so anyways I lost

  30. dam bro I love levi when he's not a grown man screaming about chess

  31. I like the 2 second pause you always see in the beginning of Levy's videos

  32. Very sad, tomorrows event is sold out in London, just clicked on the link in the description and i was unable to purchase.. guess i wasnt lucky enough to get 1 of the 50 added tickets

  33. Damn what a move! 2nd best Qg3 queen sacrifice ever. Ofc after Marshall's. Went back and checked out Levy's vid on the Gold coin game thanks to this.

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