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  1. And also in one move queen h2 was mate😂😂

  2. Forward thinking skills activated – double checkmate!

  3. Couldn’t he just take the bishop with the pinned queen?

  4. Queen could’ve took bishop to hold up the match

  5. Why cant the queen unpin by taking the bishop?

  6. I like this guy, he explains it till the end. It's good for players like us(beginners) who can't understand why the other guy resigned. Thanks dude

  7. Why do you need to sacrifice the first rook, why not take the bishop straight away?

  8. I Saw this instantly bruh 😅 how is that even possible

  9. What if the queen took the bishop when it was pinned?

  10. tbh this one i found pretty easy, but maybe just lucky

  11. After rook h3 what if queen just takes bishop e4
    Edit- I got it 👍

  12. it isn’t checkmate if Bxb7 instead of Bxc3, it’s just a really big advantage for white

  13. I would have taken the bishop on b7 instead of recapturing the rook. But I’m sure that fails too. Just can’t see why

    i see this everywhere but its what i like to see

  15. One of my favourite games. Showed to a student recently.

  16. Why doesn’t the white queen just take the bishop

  17. But when the white is at the edge of getting checkmated, what if we play Rf3 and then Qg2, that way the Black's bishop is blocking out the way for the black rook to go to h3 thus preventing the checkmate.

    Is this even right someone tell me.

  18. Just gonna ignore they took rook instead of queen?

  19. Or take with your bishop his bishop on white square then he has to take with qeen then mate with qeen a7 or he block with rook then take the rook he takes with qeen your queen a7 mate ez stop playing smart your make people dummer🥱

  20. I saw queen wants to go to h2, so draw the queen away with bishop check, but knight also covering so rook takes knight, but at that stage I figured you just take the queen

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