The MAIN Reason Why You LOSE This Chess Endgame

The MAIN Reason Why You LOSE This Chess Endgame

According to Mark Dvoretsky, A. Studenecki suggested the floating-square rule in chess in 1939. If a square whose two corners are occupied by pawns (on the same rank) reaches the edge of the board, then one of those pawns must queen. In Today’s video I explain in details how this rule functions.

Enjoy! Thanks for watching!


  1. When on earth would this ever happen in a real game

  2. Did not know this concept. Good stuff! Keep them coming please!

  3. Bro you can you just do everything u said when you said they can’t be stoped but when the black pawn is one square from queening just check the black king and the control the square of promotion

  4. I'll instantly say no before you ask me if I know why I keep losing chess

  5. 1… Kf6 2. Kc5 Kg7 3. Kc6

  6. What if you checked with the white pawn, and escorted the second

  7. How did that black e pawm did not get taken throughout the whole game

  8. Being a Square keeps you from going around in circles. -J. Vernon Mc Gee

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