The Most ANNOYING Chess Piece! | Fairy Chess

Hi chess people!

♟ Fairy Stockfish Playground:

Custom variant used in this video:
pawn = p
knight = n
bishop = b
rook = r
queen = q
king = k
customPiece1 = M:F0W0NC
pieceToCharTable = PNBRQ.M…………Kpnbrq……m…….k
startFen = rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/8/4M3 w kq – 0 1
extinctionValue = loss
extinctionPieceTypes = m
extinctionPseudoRoyal = true

🎼 Music (YouTube’s Audio Library):
– Sunshine – Telecasted



  1. mortar for sure. long bomb range with devastating damage

  2. My guess this piece is like 18 points of material

  3. If you are having this much trouble against one piece just imagine if your opponent a full board to support it

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