The Most ANNOYING Chess Piece! | Fairy Chess

Hi chess people!

♟ Fairy Stockfish Playground:

Custom variant used in this video:
pawn = p
knight = n
bishop = b
rook = r
queen = q
king = k
customPiece1 = M:F0W0NC
pieceToCharTable = PNBRQ.M…………Kpnbrq……m…….k
startFen = rnbqkbnr/pppppppp/8/8/8/8/8/4M3 w kq – 0 1
extinctionValue = loss
extinctionPieceTypes = m
extinctionPseudoRoyal = true

🎼 Music (YouTube’s Audio Library):
– Sunshine – Telecasted



  1. Возможно хорошее название – Цитадель

  2. Try normal chess versus that piece plus king, and you win by checkmating the king

  3. Next piece is gonna cover the entire board if your white its an instant win

  4. There is a way to play it by myself?

  5. Alternate title:This normal piece in ChessCraft

  6. I think "Super Canon" if it doesn't have a name cuz I can't think of anything

  7. Maybe Im wrong but i think in this position 2:23 black can trap the piece by moving the f pawn one square ahead

  8. 2:14 couldn’t he of taken that then or am I just bad at chess??

  9. Can’t the piece at the end go for the queen?

  10. This piece is a 1000 times better than the queen

  11. Someone else called it the Munchkin in the comments.

    I like that. Munchkin gives it the proper derogatory energy that anyone playing a game with this nightmare piece deserves

  12. Hos do you set this up. I tried everything with FEN and i cant figure it out

  13. 2:23 you could have won by trapping it by playing something like pawn f6

  14. I think the strategy to win is to somehow protect ur king so it is 100% safe and then just protect the pawns and make a bunch of queens

  15. I believe this piece is called Munchkin.
    It moves everywhere causing havoc and takes everything it wants and is really hard to take (often requiring multiple people, warriors for preference). And it is notated with the latter 'M' as you can clearly see from the move history.

  16. This isn't tricky. 1. …e6 by black regardless of first move by white eliminates any mate threat. Develop cautiously and this is an easy win for black.

  17. let`s make this piece be able to move like every chess piece including the other fairy pieces

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