The Most Hotly Anticipated Chess Final Of 2023

The Most Hotly Anticipated Chess Final Of 2023 – Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura in The Speed Chess Championship 2023. Preview of the Speed Chess Championship Final 2023 with an epic bullet chess game from the 2022 final.

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  1. Great video and explanation, thanks for ur hard work 😀

  2. 1980s: chess is slow, boring, and political.
    1990s: deep blue has entered the chat.
    2020s: comment speaks for itself. Botez Gambit. Harry the h-pawn. Oh no, my queen. Carlsen vs. Naka.

    Truly, chess is one of the sports.

  3. Can't believe this is top level chess at the bullet level. Real wild play.

  4. It still looks like Carlsen has the upper hand because of his knowledge of positional chess. In the end, his passed pawns were more powerful than Nakamura's extra piece.

  5. it's absolutely insane to me how much these players can comprehend in such a short amount of time. Incredible pattern recognition / intuition / … somethin' else!

  6. Bullet chess is a double edged sword: if it's a game of players that aren't the greatest, the match can be boring due to the lower quality moves. But when it's a match of absolute greatness, you're kept on the edge of your seat until the bitter end. Even though I love classical, sometimes you have to wait half an hour to see a result everyone knows is coming.

    I can't wait for the final. 🔥♟️

  7. I kinda hate how valuable pawns are to Magnus. I view them as close to disposable in the early part of any given game, but Magnus goes all out to protect them. I bet he looks at his entire row of starting pawns as eight potential queens. Hikaru should've won this one. He didn't because Magnus, the pawn genius, pulled out his unbeatable end game hijinx (as usual).

  8. You know what, that was a gold of a bullet match. Thanks for showing us such a masterpiece. Great content as always.

  9. man people are so damn hyped for this. I think the chess world is gonna be shocked at how many people tune in for this

  10. I cannot get over how – even in a replay – I can be astonished, nervous and excited.

  11. " The Most Anticipated Chess Final Of 2023 " – and it's not an exaggeration, – in a year, when they held a world championship match also… – this tells everything!, anyway, come on MAGNUS !

  12. Get your popcorn, put your feet up It's gonna be epic final! 🍿

  13. What a game! Magnus is just too damn good at end game!

  14. Jesus Christ! What a game and so clutch my Magnus! This would be an epic even in a classical

  15. Thanks for setting the alarm clock :). I'll be sitting in front of something, anything, with my two sons, 8 and 9, both chess giants, to watch the game right when it happens!

  16. I know Hikaru was the Champion was it last year or year before ? Magnus has been so dominating lately I think he will prevail Thanks for the Game James

  17. I got dizzy following that game round and round the board.

  18. I think it depends on the start. Hikaru literally had to waste match clock to keep up the lead and barely won

  19. I have to say that I agree with a lot of the other commentors in that your channel truly is EPIC! And I just realized I now specifically search out your recap videos before all the other chess channels(even the chess OG Agadmator himself!)!Anyway, keep on keeping on as your channel is fantastic!PS: Glad to see the hats in the background are back as for w/e reason they really tie it all together!

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