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  1. I am so happy I reached 1100 elo in chess in about 1 year. Thanks Levy you book is awesome🎉🎉🎉

  2. tournament recaps, guess the elo and bot recaps are my favorite content from you

  3. its just the neck or nothing for this fucking monster, King or I could care less

  4. Dude, Stockfish is above your imagination! You've become commercial in your opinions

  5. Torch is like Mikhail Tal of chess bots

  6. Can you make a video on alpha zero vs torch

  7. Can you put stockfish on white's side and torch on Black's side? In that setup who wins?

  8. I'm really happy that Levy also watches anime…

  9. I'm sure there was atleast one point during the development process where a tester was confused as to why it was "blundering" all its pieces, not realising its sheer genius

  10. Isn't alpha zero stronger than stockfish now?

  11. Gotham with a naruto reference damn that was nice

  12. Gotta say: the thumbnails are really great lately!

  13. 7 wonders exists*
    Torch vs stockfish match – not anymore

  14. Damn i wasn't expecting the Naruto reference, even more props now Levi, keep it up my dude! Big love

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