The Most TERRIFYING Chess Bot on Earth

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  1. First vid without Magnus, progress has been made

  2. We've arrived at a time in our history where entertainment has devolved to watching two algorithms compete with each other in a way that no human could possibly participate in a meaningful way. Are you not entertained?

  3. Only watched your channel for a short while, but Rock Lee dropping the weights is such a great reference I had to comment. Thank you for your great chess content.

  4. "This move, mind blowing, the next one bananas". Like when your 1st move at Wal Mart is pulling down your pants and the next move is to wet the floor

  5. My favorite part about this video is the low-depth stockfish eval occasionally goes “WAIT A MINUTE” and jumps the eval like 10 seconds after the move was made

  6. Torch is a bad copy of old legend AlphaZero……

  7. Wouldn’t the last game be a draw because of the 50 move rule? (I think it was around 54 moves with no captures or pawn moves)

  8. That first game is freaking insane. It would be 1000000% cheating if a human did that.

  9. Game 1 straight up looked like aliens playing chess

  10. Levy, any way you could put the evaluation from both engines on screen? I'd love to see the difference in their evaluation of certain positions

  11. my emetaphobia clicked off when he said “nausea”

  12. You know it's ridiculous when Levy doesn't explain all 837 piece sacrifices.

  13. Torch flames all the other ai s………………………….

  14. just curious, do bots typically play against each other with time control?

  15. Torch should be called campfire because it is nonstop cooking.

  16. Best ai video ever
    The first game was this reincarnation of michael tal as a chess god
    I love ai content ❤

  17. Just leaving a comment, nice work Levy

  18. My favorite part in that first game was when torch ignored the attack on the left side of the board and was like " nah that rook is safe I will win with it later. "

  19. Video idea:
    Magni vs martin with 30 queens


  21. I’ve never known any chess engines to make a four-point blunder at any point unless it’s difficulty is set down, or it’s programmed to blunder after so many moves.

  22. man i LVOE this kind of crazy AI chess bots videos

  23. Can you put games in description?

  24. “The continuous threat of something about to happen” sounds like a quote from a series of unfortunate events

  25. If 95 percent of the games are won with white, doesnt that mean tourch would lose with black 95 percent of the times?

  26. Missed this opportunity to call the Torch bot "lit"

  27. I wonder how Neuro Sama might do against other Chess Bots especially Chat GPT

  28. Levy, you are like the legend of Chess Commentators, hands down. 😀
    BTW, Lc0 isn't stockfish, it's Alpha Zero, just saying… xD

  29. You gotta start putting these games in the description so we can analyze them ourselves later

  30. Hahaha … love the reference to Naruto – Rock Lee drop some weight!!

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