The Queen is in Jail

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  1. This game is so crazy that alot moves that seems like a winning moves is actually a pathway to losing, this match is insane

  2. The most entertaining part about GothamChess is when he yells at the chess game

  3. Congrats Levy! I’ve only been watching you for a couple of months but you’ve already revolutionised my opening strategies and been a very entertaining face on youtube for me 🙂

  4. Any one else noticed the queen is black?

  5. congratulations for best chess streamer award

  6. Levy Congrats!!!! please keep up what you do the way you do it and most importantly please….. keep not getting out of here!!!

  7. Levy as Chess Streamer of the Year Nominee: 🤮👎
    Levy as Chess Streamer of the Year Winner: 😎👍

  8. Levy,when white played pawn to b4 black could play pawn takes en pesant and its checkmate in 2 moves i think.I mean seems like its better then taking with a queen.Maybe im wrong, someone whos better please explain!

  9. Congrats on the best chess streamer award! It was deserved.

  10. Chess is a game for gamers. Congrats!

  11. Can you make a video about the in german called "Bährsche Regel". I dont know what its called in english

  12. That was a banger no cap🧢 on god 💀 never before seen after horsey 🐴 to c3

  13. Of course a game like this would end in a draw…it's only fitting. Imagine being -73 and blundering a draw in one move

  14. I like Levy jokingly accusing Escobar of doing drugs even if it wasn't a reference to Pablo Escobar.

  15. 17:14 hmm I agree Levy but it’s not that position only it’s this game

  16. That 2 seconds stare at the beginning of the video gave me chills

  17. congratz on the win champ! I appreciate ur hustle, it was well deserved. this game was actually crazy

  18. My eyes, what was I seeing? Like I was dieing being a 650 rated player after seeing this.

  19. Can you help me im new to chess I started today

  20. Congrats on best chess streamer award! Can someone tell me why the black king did not take the rook on G7 and instead run all the way around the board?

  21. Hey Levy,
    Great to hear your having a great well deserved time with your partner Lucy.
    And still giving this (my only lesson for the day apart from playing.)
    Congratulations and Thankyou

  22. i am late but congrats on winning the award you definetly deserved it, your content is one of the few that makes me laugh and that makes me learn at the same time (i still haven't learned how to avoid mate in 1 though)

  23. Can you play a game with me plzzz 😅😅 🥹🥹

  24. Sometimes I wonder about you L seriously

  25. congratulations!!!!! you so deserve everything nice. the bishop move should be in a chess museum was my fave part.

  26. Congrats on the Best streamer award win, Levy! Well-deserved, sir. Thanks for all the content and the entertainment.

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