This Chess Piece Can’t Move, But Upgrades TWICE! – Ouroboros King

Ouroboros King Part 7 – all hail the mysterious egg. It does nothing to begin with, but upgrade it twice and it becomes an incredibly valuable asset. Love the new chess pieces!
Edited by: Dan White

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  1. I hate that I can recognize that the font in the thumbnail is Copperplate Gothic.

  2. No way they put Northernlion in the Chess DLC

  3. Would love to see this in infinity! With the infinite bird it seems like you could go far in late game with sacking the bird multiple times

  4. YES I was hoping for more of these. Been rewatching old ones.

  5. If you are going to play infinity mode I suggest getting as many infiltrators(edges of the board piece) and put them all on the back rank. My highest score is 198

  6. God the musketeer is absurd, didn't think much about it at first but this was just insane

  7. I'd be interested to see infinity mode, but probably just once 🙂

  8. Tyler, your insightful chess commentary is putting me right to sleep… in a soothing sense🛌

  9. Day 31 of begging Tyler to play Dredge again 🙏

  10. 1:50 I see a sneaky "rook" joke here! Editor knows we love it, hehe

  11. day 63 of asking tyler to continue potionomics

  12. 100% yes to Infinity Mode! This is a really sick build, and I really wanna see the Pheonix in action, as well as you getting more use out of the Dragon.

  13. Thanks for the content! Really enjoying this series!

  14. I was interested in this game, but the AI seems strangely terrible. Chess AI is a well-established field, and while some of these pieces aren't ideal for how traditional chess AI works (I'm looking at you, portal mage), it should be easy to make an AI that doesn't blunder away pieces like it constantly does in these videos. A lot of these chess variant games seem to have similar problems with the AI and I really don't know what's up with it.

  15. That musketeer was such a wild improvement, the build felt very flimsy for a while but once you got the musketeer and the mirror queen it got so good all of a sudden. I think that was the cleanest final boss win i've seen in ouroboros king.

    The dragon is also an oddly good decoy, the AI is willing to trade some really powerful pieces for it.

  16. this is a certified chess evolved online moment

  17. The meme from 0:01 made me audibly guffaw. Such a stupid joke 😂

  18. I think you should get back to battles 2. Update 2.0 is great!!

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