This Chess Piece Can’t Move, But Upgrades TWICE! – Ouroboros King

Ouroboros King Part 7 – all hail the mysterious egg. It does nothing to begin with, but upgrade it twice and it becomes an incredibly valuable asset. Love the new chess pieces!
Edited by: Dan White

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  1. Day 991 of telling Tyler that he never finished his minecraft series and that he should finish it.

  2. Hi love your vids keep up the good work cant wait for more polybridge 3 vids

  3. Please show us this team in Infinity mode. I so badly want to see the Phoenix in action and the Dragon to do more things. Pretty please, Tyler!

  4. I'll be honest. All I took from this is that Tyler is really bad at chess.

  5. Man your editor killed it with this one made it easy to follow

  6. I think this is gothamchess's second channel.

  7. Now, try to use the Musketeer as the only piece u can use(U could change the game's code so that it could only give u musketeer)

  8. We need more Chess 2– I mean ouroboros king

  9. Can you please play some more ouroboros king

  10. Phoenix is actually good I recommed getting it

  11. 24:30 was a close one, the catapult almost died by killing the enemy king being too far out, but luckily it got saved💪

  12. Aliensrock "I have to to know what a whelp is"me "whelp I guess you will find out"

  13. 14:06 you have boongerang. u could have taken out the infeltrator earlier

  14. "next time we might do infinity mode"THEN WHERE IS THE NEXT EPISODE

  15. At 0:28 im pretty sure he could've won instantly by moving the catapult one to the left. The ai has 2 options:1:move the cardinal and loseOR2:move the king, lose the cardinal and lose cause he has the general's staff thing so if everything but the king is left, kill the king

  16. Pretty sure someone knows this at this point since I just picked up this game, but if the gorgon traps all your pieces, you automatically lose.

  17. Wut game is this, I kinda want to play it

  18. Please play some Sonic.exe games and the original game

  19. The egg in the thumbnail terrifies me

  20. You should play pawnbarian. That's what this game reminds me of anyway.

  21. is it just me or does the crusader look like a wine glass

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