This Golden Rule Will Prevent 50% of Your Chess Mistakes

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  1. If I could just reduce my blunders by 50%, I'd only be making 10 per game!


  3. 8:11 is my favorite answer to the fried liver attack. Love this line but at my ELO, I don't get to use it often

  4. In the last example, my instinct would be to take, to draw the queen out, and chase it around while I develop with tempo. Is this a bad idea, starting with C5?

  5. By YouSum Live

    00:00:00 Prevent chess mistakes with the golden rule.
    00:00:54 Black's blunder leads to back rank checkmate.
    00:01:26 Guard the rook to avoid knight fork tactics.
    00:01:48 Strategic moves to counter opponent's threats.
    00:02:00 Importance of thinking ahead to avoid blunders.
    00:05:50 Taking without advantage worsens position.
    00:07:31 Neutralize opponent's piece on your territory.
    00:10:41 Push opponent's pieces back for control.
    00:11:30 Avoid unprovoked exchanges to maintain advantage.

    By YouSum Live

  6. Igor nation gets the best teacher AND great jokes! Yes all blunders begin with "hold my beer"

  7. Igor, could you make an anti caro kann with no theory video, I’m having trouble trying to punish it

  8. He looks so old! Has he had a birthday recently?

  9. Your rules of thumb for chess improvement have made you the new Nimzowitsch!

  10. Please make a video about Endgames GM igor. I play good in middle games and I will be pawn up but i cant handle this to win.

  11. 3:24 "Now, in this position just think about this: all his pieces are somewhere on the last ranks, and in a situation like that it's very difficult for you to blunder anything. And I know some of you guys will be like, 'HOLD MY BEER'". 😂😂😂

  12. How is the first game checkmate? Knight can cover, after rook takes, queen takes back.

  13. The "Hold my beer!" joke 🤣 I took that personally!

  14. What a classy thing to do to offer a nice special during Father's day. Happy Father's day to you as well Igor!

  15. Hey Igor. Can you do a video on the englund gambit? I have been playing it with black pieces and having success

  16. That's enough to play a chess game.😎😺

  17. Happy father's day to you ❤❤🎉🥳

  18. Great video as usual Sir. But i have a question, at 7:12 wht if white plays rook to E1 !!!!! How should we reply

  19. But black cold move Nf8 and he get out of check, because if RxNf8xQf8 and King is safe for now

  20. happy fathers day GM IGOR SMIRNOV wish you a blessed day

  21. My middle game planning are bad can you please suggest some tips to play in middle game

  22. My thinking on the initial position is that black had this nice pawn chain that was keeping the dark-square bishop at bay (among other advantages), but with the knight having access to e4, it would attack the d6 pawn and potentially come to g5 if the queen moves away of if b5 is supported in some way, so the knight was clearly the more dangerous piece. That told me that Rxc3 was likely to be a better choice than fxe3.

    "Hold my beer!" LMAO!

  23. The only chess coach I would ever require
    Thanks Igor sir for teaching me a lot 🙏🏿

  24. I rly don't like to open opponents rook file, I want to open mine, but I don't like when I need to open theirs, that's my rule

  25. Thanks once again, Igor..for succinct, direct instruction 👍.

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