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  1. 3 major takeaways:
    1. If you want evidence on how much of an advantage it actually is to have the white pieces in highest level of chess, look no futher than this match.
    2. Both players committed some mistakes and blunders that caused them to lose their particular matches and games, but yet are able to bounce back. There mental drive is insane.
    3. I think classical is still the best format to fully see the player's real playing strength. In classical, it is all about calculation and methodical chess, but with rapid or blitz, it is really about instinct. Any player in the world is able to make blunders with that low of time.
    Still a long way before the match concludes but I do know this, this is definitely up there with the most intense World Championship Match ever in history.. Second half on the way…

  2. This guy is a walking advertisement and I love it. Sue me.

  3. if these thumbnails were shown to someone new to youtube to guess what type of video "chess" would be their last guess

  4. The stare pursuing as Levy begins speaking was an unexpected but welcome surprise, sent shivers through my whole body.

  5. How do you make videos so quickly the game literally was finished 30 min ago 😅😅

  6. This recap is what I look forward all days, this championship is crazy, hope Ding Wins, You should include clips of Ding with Raport

  7. Nobody wants your book lil bro (I will buy it)

  8. This is the perfect example of when the players are not Ding chilling

  9. Finally I looked at a video a few minutes after the release

  10. I really dont have a favorite player in it but intense match 😮

  11. Does anyone know if there is a second edition of the book planned? Because I'm hardstuck at 1400 haha

  12. I only read chess books written by GMs.

  13. Time pressure gets the best of even the best of players. One wrong move and it’s all over

  14. Levy is the hyperactive kid bullying the teacher.

  15. Does the book come with a lifetime chessly sub?

  16. 21 minute ago GothamChess please eat me.

  17. I know content creators do what they gotta do but goddamn these thumbnails are so obnoxious lmao

  18. Will you translate your book to other languages? Like Russian?)

  19. To be honest, we all feel for ding. Like to be in this position and be in a winning position, just for you to lose because on time? I don't have a favourite for this match between the two of them, but i am just sad for ding.

  20. Last time the French was played was in the 70s. Pretty sure that’s what they were saying on the broadcast

  21. Levy, Jesus. They are still shaking Hands and the Video is already out…

  22. The dedication to film and put out a video on a match that ended not even an hour ago >>>

  23. Anish was comparing the moment as a choke job in sports at the end…

    Can't believe it ended that way…

  24. does the book ship internationally? im currently on deployment and would love it.

  25. I think it's a first in history of YouTube when thumbnail face is accurate and not over exaggeration.
    P.S Irony, I know. I was just shocked to witness it LIVE on Saturday night. I know it's it's Tuesday.
    P.P.S well at least in my town.
    P.P.P.S I guess also depends on which calendar we using, would be awesome if it was Saturday according Aztec Callender.
    P.S oh wait they were the ones who thought everything will end in 2012.
    Could be Saturday according to Julian Callender. I doubt that but it could be.

  26. i have never repeatedly said "MOVE DING MOOOVE" so much at a computer screen

  27. I want a pin of kicking your ass asshole

  28. This is the worst type of games for Ding Liren to lose. This will hurt psychologically

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