Typical 800 Elo Chess

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  1. Levy never fails to finish at his prostate exam

  2. Bro being a 1200 i don't want to see these 700 or 400 elo
    You should understand that the people who just like to play chess but don't have time that they can't play daily, so they will play on weekends and ofcourse they don't care what the hell the evaluation bar is saying
    So stop making such stuff and make videos of Openings or Tactics Or Chess principals

  3. These are my favorite videos. I learn the most watching you point out mistakes.

  4. Levy never fails to shit on the American economic systems

  5. Yooo I didn't know bears were subscribed to Gotham!

  6. Galileo is rated 3700+ when he plays 1-minute games

  7. Too soon for burning alive jokes Levy. Too soon bro.

  8. Less videos with the pride cult pfps would be welcomed

  9. and galileo thinks: "i kicked his ass"

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