Unbelievable Chess.

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  1. Pragg hasn't lost a classical in 42 games? Interesting.

  2. the last game shows how 1 pawn can ruin the whole game

  3. Did know how different Levy’s recaps were from people like Hikaru in terms of depth but even shallower than Agadmator??

  4. For the chess game that you were surprised about, can you show us what the computer says the check mate was going to be? For next time. Thanks for the great content!

  5. “Alireza is cooking and blowing up the kitchen every other time”
    IM Levy Rozman, 2024

  6. 25:18 Levy after black knight to b3 Nodirbek would be move his knight b6 check and wins b3 knight, Else if Queen takes b6 bishop takes queen and attacks to rook and black knight takes queen but Nodirbek will takes the rooooooooooook and if king takes bishop Nodirbek takes knight with d1 to d2

  7. Clearly Pragg has not seen your series How to Lose at Chess

  8. I can proudly say that he is a boy from my country.🇮🇳🇮🇳

  9. How pragg beat a woman aggressively in public and get compliment while i do it too but get 6 months in jail😢😢

  10. I wish I could say "Nordirbek" like Levy does.

  11. Hans has a perfect game to balance a stupid game. IMO he has 2800 ability with a 2550 consistency.

  12. This wasnt Nepo's first loss, he lost to Gukesh before.

  13. prag being undeafeted is interesting. as kramik would claim

  14. pragg be farming world champions to become india #1 …. now thats giga chad behaviour

  15. the title of the video went from -“sigma giga chad chess by praggnanadha” to “42 games undefeated !!” to “unbelievable chess” in just 9 hours …. Levi is a tru gothamchess subscriber, as he never fails to let us know what he cant achieve …. RESPECT !!

  16. include ding liren please. he is world champ

  17. 5:44 levy somehow still find's a way to include magnus into the video😂

  18. your recaps are my bread and butter. gimme a little more on the van foreest game. i see the line but why and how does that happen. long time subscriber. love your stuff ❤

  19. Levy: “yep looks good to post!”
    Levy’s brain: “ADD BRILLIANT BLUUUUUEEEE!!!!!!!”

  20. Prag is the most talented of the young players, at least in my irrelevant 1700 opinion. Second is probably Vincent Keymer.

  21. bro loves to talk about Jew in June and Yanny Pomnichi

  22. Wanting to leave halfway through (for no reason other than I had the attention of a goldfish) but succumbing to the Pavlovian conditioning to hear "Now get out of here" at the end of every video.

  23. I never understood why Levy gets so much hate for his content.

    Levy is essentially a 2nd string NFL player who is sitting at the analysis desk and breaking down plays for the people at home. You sit on the couch, eat pizza, and drink beer during the game.

  24. At my skill level I'm watching these recaps like "Maneuvering game? I mean yeah, I maneuver in my games"

  25. How did gotham didnt cover the goofy game played between Eline Vs Liam Vrojik i was here for it (all pawns were on the 4th rank)

  26. Indians :- The comment section is ours 😂

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