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  1. "oh no im getting rooked!' this made my day

  2. Yo, Levy how often do you play at Bryant Park in Manhattan, just want to know if there is a chance I might see you there and challenge you?

  3. Love these. I was talking about your channel while playing in Central Park today (the tables that Lincoln has set up on the Literary Walk), and one of the younger guys said he studied with you. I am just getting into chess again in my 40s. To be able to easily participate in an irl social aspect makes it so much more fun than just futzing away online. Thank you for making these videos. I tune in daily now.

  4. Damn, you sacrificed your rook so your wife remembers that forever.


  6. it is so hard to follow the conversation and watch the moves, ah I’m just stupid :/

  7. Yo he can destroy people with leaves in his hair there’s nothing this man can’t do

  8. Levi pause why you mean you destroyed her with your rook🤨🤨

  9. lol the fan screaming "the roook!!!!!!!!" in the background is just gold

  10. Searching for Nemo 😂 I'm joking I love her❤

  11. The funny thing about risking it for the highlight reel is that whether you succeed or fail it's making a highlight reel.

  12. what's insane is that the position is damn near equal throughout the entire game up until the very last move despite the material difference

  13. "I feel like my position got so passive for no reason" and proceeds to play Qf1

  14. I am amazed with your success with Hot Babes!

  15. Yes!!! One true fan is all you need in life. Hope to someday find my Lucy…feel blessed man.

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