Using Hikaru to CHEAT at Chess

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  1. Levy, how are you rated at 2442 and GM Robert Hess is rated at 2444 in this tournament? Do I detect a DEI social promotion?

  2. I play the Pirc with black, so the first game is very familiar to me.

  3. Saw the game and Levy you don't give yourself enough credit! I think you're a GM in hiding. That aside, I think this format makes for the most interesting format for Chess competition. I hope it continues.

  4. The way the eval bar went down at 15:01 . I was like woah my damn self

  5. It's cool to hear the discussion between a top player and someone who is also very good.

  6. This is why Hikaru is one of the super grandmasters. the calc and idea is crazy good.

  7. Levy should totally switch accounts with Hilaru on titled Tuesday

  8. Dude, you couldn't even handle yourself when the host Naroditsky asked you a legitimate question. You just barked at him for no good reason.

  9. "A bit better than me" Yeah right be honest Levy. Hikaru would smoke you 10-0 blindfolded.

  10. Levy getting Hikaru to look over his homework

  11. "call me levy" to yourself is wild 😅

  12. It's actually very nice to see Levy having fun playing against GMs. Also hearing he is studying. Very glad to hear he is working on chess and having the fighting spirit again!

  13. Levy and Hikaru play team chess
    Levy: "I'm cheating"
    Hikaru: "Play anything"

  14. That event was garbage, better 2 on 2 is no communication and each player plays every other move.

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