VERTICAL CHESS Is CRAZY! | Chess Memes #25

VERTICAL CHESS Is CRAZY! | Chess Memes #25

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  1. DID BLACK PERMOVE TOO FAST? CAUSE HE MADE 2 MOVES (ps. That's pretty funny so dont feel bad)

  2. I think it’s better for not to put the sounds for the arrows

  3. St**u you white knight you stupid piece of shit!!!!!

  4. 3:23 the black knight could have taken the free pawn and forked the king and the queen

  5. This is a copy this video idea belongs to chess king you don't deserve you're 1000 subs😡😡😡

  6. If you did not give black a winning position 11 times I will dislike all your video's

  7. Even tho i love your videos why did you copy someone i saw a another chess video like this a few days agoo

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