Want to be 1500 in chess?

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0:00 Intro
1:40 Game 1
18:52 Game 2
39:15 Game 3
56:50 Game 4

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  1. 7.15 „i can also castle long” the bishop on f4 is like:😑

  2. Me 900-1000 finally beat a 1500 bot after 3 days

  3. POV: you watch more chess yt then actually playing chess

  4. So, just to review, if I'm playing a 1200 and I blunder a bishop and get a losing position, the key is to simultaneously speed up while boosting my performance by 400 points? I mean, that should be relatively simple, right?

  5. At some point, before the last match, you ask if were patient enough to have watched so far and I thought "give me two more hours of thus mate!" 😋

  6. It was like how Goku fights enemies in base form first

  7. Bro torchered the opponent in first match endgame

  8. 54:30 is just why I love chess. Dangle the carrot and then win in 3 moves. Beautiful play.

  9. In the caro advanced when I analyzed f4 (the move that levy said is best) it looks like it's already equalized for black, and f4 is a mistake that's met with e6? Why does it freak levy out so much?

  10. @6:23 isn’t Kb3 crushing because it defends the rook and then if Qa3 you can take the pawn on C4 and then either the queen can slide into B4 or the rook can move to B1 and the b2 pawn is hanging either way?

  11. Thats cute but I got 1800 bullet on lichess a few days ago

  12. in game four at 1:08:01 was there any thought that white might have used his knight to take the pawn? Also love your vids I recently started playing again in large part to you.

  13. I’m hardstuck 800. My fundamentals are a million times better than a couple months ago, but I still make pitiful blunders and things alike. Would y’all recommend studying some opening lines or keep playing until my fundamentals get refined?

  14. Why protect black pawn on e2 with rook to d2 when u can go rook d1?if rook takes rook its checkmate in 2moves bcoz white rook e4 to e1 is the only possible move after pawn takes rook on d1 and promote.but if that doesn't happen and the opponent choose white rook on e4 takes pawn on e2 all u gonna do is rook a2 takes white rook on e2 again check mate in 1

  15. At 13:25 Rook d1, after rook trade, pawn promotes to queen then CheckMate

  16. This video is literally one of the few videos on YouTube where I watched for more than an hour without ever getting bored 😁 Thanks Levy, I definitely learned some new stuff!

  17. 13:31
    Why not rook d1
    Because the opponest's would be forced to take your rook on d1 also he cannot take the pawn because of checkmate and as soon as he take your rook on d1 with his rook on e1
    You would just take his rook by the pawn and form a minister and then it's a mate

  18. I just achived 1500. I'm exhausted. Next game in two weeks lol

  19. I just want to actually get myself to start playing so I can find out what my ELO is and stop joking about it being 0

  20. 11:00 lol i'm 400 and still predicted a lot of his moves, also some of yours, guess i deserve at least 900

  21. Why Levy didnt pushed the rook to the 1 row in minute 13:30?

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