Want to be 1500 in chess?

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0:00 Intro
1:40 Game 1
18:52 Game 2
39:15 Game 3
56:50 Game 4

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  1. I like such quick checkmates
    Why don't you try the new computer "mitten"
    She is hard to beat ❤️

  2. I'm sure this type of content gets less clicks but I absolutly love these instructional type of videos. Thanks for the content!

  3. The best I can achieve is 1400..
    But sometimes when I analyze my game my accuracy is 85% but other times I got 6 blunders in a game..
    I don't know why that is..
    But just stopped playing 1v1 chess
    And play more of 4 player chess..
    I managed to reach 2000 rating

  4. I feel like Levy could do a really good Borat voice.

  5. woah I'm so early Gotham hasn't pinned a comment yet. Also great camera stare at the beginning today.

  6. Gothamchess you should make a video about the new chess bots

  7. Lesson for this video:
    "It doesn't mean you can do it, that means you will do it"

    What a great piece of wisdom for Levy

  8. I love these videos keep it up Levy. 5 million subscribers coming in 2023 👑

  9. One of my new year's resolutions is to improve from 1300 elo to 1500. This video is very timely!

  10. I sincerely thank you Gotham for helping me go 1,350 to 1,584 ELO

  11. This is honestly really helpful. Thank you Gotham!!!

  12. I love it! When I watch speedruns by people like Danya then it always feels like he is playing people who has 650 elo and you watch and just wonder how on earth all his opponents blunder so much, but here I feel like I've been playing exact same game before, made the same moves, faced exact same challenges. Keep it up, please!

  13. Jokes aside, I win 6 games in a row , reaching 1400

  14. I am hanging around 1300-1370 since acouple of months .

  15. Levy, this is gold for many of us. No question this is helping a whole lot of people.

  16. In my opinion, the first two players at around 1,000 and 1,200 ELO were playing well above their rating level. More like 1,800 +.

  17. I did no such thing to deserve such a long video, it must be my real gift!

  18. So it literally comes down to making sure your moves are either causing threats, defending threats, or setting up one of those 2?

  19. After watching how to punish early queen attacks i finally defeated Nilson the 1300 i hope after watching this video i would be able to win against that 1500 bot cuz he is smacking me rn LOL

  20. Play against Mittens, And Tell us what the ranting of Mittens Like this comment

  21. Do I better train with more time or play and get used to the 10 min games? I'm just thinking to slow 😅

    PS nice content u brought me back into the game of kings 👍

  22. whats crazy is how hard levy is trying to be 1200 elo xD xD

  23. Reaching 2000 from 1050 is my goal of this year .
    Wish me luck .
    edit: now 1300

  24. I always really enjoy this style of video. It’s been said by other commenters, but the fact you try to play at the opponents level, and explain the difference in board vision and calculation at comparative levels, and the tactical ideas that stem from those differences – it’s super useful to me as a learner.

  25. I am a beginner and I have stuck with 500+ rank points…

  26. Didn't even notice i was already on the one hour mark

  27. As a 1900 rapid player I find the last game very illustrative of the 1700-2000 bracket (where I fluctuate) – play a very decent game for 20 moves, then lose all the advantage with a couple of not so well-thought out moves and cap it off by blundering your queen in one move.

  28. how to play more positional games? puzzles help you break down complicated trades and tactics but it doesn't really help you evaluate your plan to slowly push your opponent over

  29. Could you play the Mittens bot? That thing is a monster, probably like a 2600 engine.

  30. My favourite one of your series’. So instructive in breaking down your thought process. Glad it’s back

  31. I absolutely love how Levy deliberate makes bad moves to teach tactical awareness during the game- brilliant teaching nous, it is totally pointless for an IM to demolish a 1200 elo and Levy understands that. Best video thus far from Gotham Chess.

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