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  1. Props for levy being kept in hostage and still recording

  2. Lucy brings such a good energy to these videos fr

  3. Everyone talks about Levy being held hostage but what if Lucy is the kidnapper O.o

  4. Stop bringing your wife into this
    Btw your wife is a 3/10

  5. congrats to levi for being a good boy and not getting divorced!

  6. Levy do you heard about grand chees tour in Croatia are you gooing to make video about it

  7. i'm excited to see hikaru make a swap the elo episode where he takes after levy

  8. You should make lucy checkmate with the only queen

  9. I literally started chess bcuz of ur content on YouTube. Seeing u and Lucy for the first time almost got me in tears:) Love u guys so much, keep up the good, much love from NIGERIA!

  10. He doesn't talk to his kidnapper like the way he talks to us low rated player

  11. 5:31 "I don't think much when playing with white, cuz I'm just better" and Levy's face after that LOOOOOL

  12. These Thumbnails be getting too random these days

  13. Levy, I am a hostage and tell me what to do so i survive

  14. Everybody talking about jow he can be so calm being helt hostage. But how can he be so calm when she is playing awefully?

  15. Very brave for the captor to show her face on camera. 😅

  16. “It’s just a pawn”
    Famous last words

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