We modded Chess into BTD 6.

We modded Chess into BTD 6.
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Chess, a centuries old strategy game where thinking ahead is of upmost importance. Sabre and Tewtiy have some experience with that! They think ahead all the time in Btd 6. So they will find out if this chess thing is something for them!

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  1. I love this video! Chess and bloons are 2 of my favorite games!

  2. I dunno if tewbre will see this, but there’s a really good tower defense on Roblox called tower galatica

  3. I’ve got a brilliant idea! Why don’t you just buy a chess board? Just kidding but actually I wanted to tell you how bad you are at chess and that the queen doesn’t goes in front of the other queen, it goes on the square of his own color, so the white queen in the white square and the black queen in the black square. I said that you are bad ( which you are) but really I am a fan and like your content, keep it going!

  4. all chess fans are screaming at these guys for missing checkmate

  5. Sabre saying A3
    Me dying when tewty says 1C
    Me screaming in my head be like IT IS C1!!!!!!!

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