What is Magnus doing??????????

Photo by Stev Bonhage, GOAT:

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  1. Hey levy, great video as always… may I ask by any chance if your book is planned to release somewhere in South Africa? I would love to get it but I can’t afford to pay a shipping fee for the same price as the book

  2. Im disappointed Magnus wont be doing candidates. Wanted to see him challenging for what could still be his title.

  3. I didn’t completely understand the magnus situation with the candidates.. can someone please explain?

  4. "Friends are good. And don't be worried if you struggle to find some, life is long, and you will one day.

    …Unless you're a bad person, in which case… results may vary."

  5. Shoutout to the pillows in the background that keeps Levy comfortable while he is kidnapped.

  6. I don’t care about sleep on school days if I can watch gothamchess at 2 am

  7. Shame just milking Magnus and then blaberring about the game without any effort

  8. Jesus, the start of the video had me thinking what the hell does Gukesh do, then we get to Pragg vs Arigaisi and I thought it was going to be a repeat, but apparently Pragg thought it was a horrible day to die. What a guy. I'm on the tip of my chair watching Arigaisi, ever since I saw your video where Arigaisi had like 40 moves of engine prep and slaughtered his opponent I've liked the guy. Really hope he makes it to the candidates, I'm a fan.

  9. I confirm that Levy got kidnapped again. I was on the front seat of the white van.

  10. so nice of the kidnappers to worry levy’s audience for clout, props to them

  11. I guess they are not taking 4th one in this tournament to candidates. They are looking for world rakings

  12. Hope the kidnapper kidnapped Lucy and Benji aswell so you're not lonely! 🙁

  13. Thanks for the fighting lesson Levy!

  14. So what are you saying Levi sir, is Magnus not playing in the semi final of this tournament or did he just sideline the invitation to the next one if he comes 1-3 in this tournament?

  15. Why is castling long so aggressive?

  16. GUKESH PLAYED D5. in Prag vs. Arjun😆

  17. Only gotham would still record a recap when being held at gunpoint

  18. "Not with these idiots running head first into each other's butts" – said no chess commentator ever ….until now. Thank you friend.

  19. Magnus is the Darth Vader against anakin Skywalker ( gukesh)

  20. Sportsmanship is respectable. Winning matters.

  21. Why are we paying grown-ass adults to play a children's board game?

  22. Well look who finally decided to show up

  23. Everyone talking about magnus or Indian players but I’m just surprised how this abasov guy who I’ve never heard of and is below 2700 is managing to defeat so many top players and making it to the candidates

  24. Man does good recap but can't comprehend why he didn't do recap of global chess league.

  25. I really don’t like this new mic setup, it sounds almost like asmr and not in a good way

  26. Petition: Bring back the fucking sunglasses

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