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  1. It’s sad that the shmuck got mated…

  2. I like how most upvoted comment under this reddit post is that you gonna make a video about it xD

  3. Gotham pls these low elo games aren’t fun. Make one with very high instead

  4. dude… put a shirt on the table and use the mouse accordingly…lol or find a piece of paper or anything textured and able to be flat…

  5. We dont care where you are… just that you upload!!! lol

  6. Levy casually referring to a white curtain while in france 💀💀💀

  7. And this is why i am not 400 elo. I am 600 because i still hang my queen in one move all the time.

  8. this is getting insane why is no one coming to save gotham he is literally telling us where he IS

  9. Great video, appreciate the effort to post while vacationing.
    BTW Is France literally burning as we see on news and stuff?
    Since you are there can you let us know.

  10. Yeah Levy, I'm speechless about the ending of this game as well…

  11. Can’t wait for your video on Magnus 11/11 TT results 😅

  12. You are Filming and Uploading around midnight. That does not sound like a vacation, I hope you can tax deduct that vacation.

  13. sometimes I wish I could find this players and punch them in the face

  14. Gotham, I assume you are in France because of the overly sized picture frame behind you? (Reply if I’m correct)

  15. My guy really went to Europe to avoid Independence Day 💀💀

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