When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves

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When Magnus Carlsen Got Destroyed in 19 Moves by Judit Polgar



  1. It's funny how Hollywood writers are going on strike because of AI slowly replacing them but they could literally just write for themselves and use AI to do the narrating and screen shots for them. Anyone wondering what that has to do with this video, the narrator for this is a commonly used AI in 2023.

  2. I don’t know shit about chess but the narration made me feel like I was watching someone hanging from a cliff. LOL good job.

  3. Greatest player? CAPABLANCA. End of discussion.

  4. Judit is the female GOAT .It is truly wonderful to watch her pIay

  5. 3:53 Magnus takes a second thinkabout his next move before delivering a lethal blow to …. himself

  6. I do not play chess

    but would like to learn

    where do i start

  7. I beat
    Magnus a few weeks ago, shame it was in poker lol

  8. When you get the top chess player to resign you have completed chess

  9. Reminds me how many kids got jipped by COVID for being the youngest gm, rip fr

  10. Being the best means always has a target on your back.
    My boy was busy. That's the day he beat Anna Cramling.
    Judit is just a different beast.

  11. Those are the kind of women I used to hang out with.

  12. all that just for him to quit wow, can't even take an L

  13. This was so FAKE. It was a set up in order to get women watching chess.

  14. Yeah I highly doubt he "underestimated" the best female chess player of all time.

  15. Videos made just to get views. Kids aren't studying anymore. Everybody just want to make Youtube videos. Humanity is in trouble.

  16. I had to slow everything down to watch..good game .!

  17. Well now the thing would be for her to play Hikaru. But I will allow that she smoked him and she made it look easy.

  18. I know nothing about chess. But I know something about Japanese board game "Go". To me, this kind of street game format is a bit too fast to me. You barely have any time to think carefully. It is just your instinct. I would assume lots of mistakes will happen in this kind of format.

  19. Why is gender an issue in chess? Why is she the best "female" player?

  20. Why no take pawn F3 with bishop? Is that the blunder?

  21. Great narration, it was like the Like world cup finals

  22. This is the GM’s training ground. Play games and not be humiliated by being in a competition. Learn from the games and use the tactics during competition. Don’t be fooled by either of them loosing. They are learning!!

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