When The King Gets Kidnapped | Chess Memes #11

When The King Gets Kidnapped | Chess Memes #11


  1. Bro that blsc king its getting shit all time

  2. I will save all but I want to save the wite army

  3. “It was a fine,sunny day as my rook was talking a walk you snuck up behind him and you,and you.spank him.The poor rook has been SPINING FOR DAYS.”that was my favorite line.

  4. next episode : when black and white are in war | Chess Memes#12

  5. The white king kind of sounds like the announcer from bfdi/bfb

  6. Nice! Getting humiliated four times in a row… Poor black king

  7. Nice vid
    Keeps making vids like that!
    They are very entertainign!!!
    I mean, entertaining

  8. Black King has been humiliated 3 time whats next he well be humiliated 100 times

  9. Black king dhould have given white king a checkmate instead😂

  10. Firest black king spank white rook white army revenged and checkmate second made the mistake and checkmate third money greedy and made the blunder and last super greedy black king super embarrassed and lost

  11. the part where the backstory of the black king spanking the rook and this was me: 💀💀💀💀

  12. How will you face against top chess 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  13. The queen slaping the king is so satisfying😂😂😂

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