When the Kings touch

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  1. Γιωργος Αγγελος Αγγελοπουλος says:


  2. Watching from Saint Petersburg, Russia, big fan!

  3. Watching from Krasnodar, Russia.
    I'm not Russian.

  4. gothamchess when they find the multiple stained duffel bags under his bed:

  5. Bro thinks he is a chess god but he is gothamchess

  6. You have wasted 20 minutes of my life. Thank you, GothamChess.

  7. In Europe it's 8-10 Euros for the movie and about 7-9 Euros for Popcorn nachos and Something to drink If you pay for one Person you could also buy a blockbuster Menu for 20 Euros and it has 2 Times Popcorn or nachos or both and two drinks

  8. Lmao levy got me into chess and then i got my whole school into chess

  9. Gotham hasn't heard of playing blitz variants… has he?

  10. "I am ready for some kings touching each other" 💀

  11. It's so great that small chess youtuners like this get recognition nowadays

  12. Im a little brit boy in England 🇬🇧

  13. 18 dollars for a movie ticket? In spain I pay 18 euros for the whole experience, unhygienic hotdog and everything

  14. In india a regular movie ticket only costs like $2-3

  15. Watching from Stavanger Norway, not that far from Sørmarka Arena, where they done did some chess once.

  16. I hope i would get the pin of shame

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