When the Kings touch

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  1. Γιωργος Αγγελος Αγγελοπουλος says:


  2. Watching from Saint Petersburg, Russia, big fan!

  3. Watching from Krasnodar, Russia.
    I'm not Russian.

  4. gothamchess when they find the multiple stained duffel bags under his bed:

  5. Bro thinks he is a chess god but he is gothamchess

  6. You have wasted 20 minutes of my life. Thank you, GothamChess.

  7. In Europe it's 8-10 Euros for the movie and about 7-9 Euros for Popcorn nachos and Something to drink If you pay for one Person you could also buy a blockbuster Menu for 20 Euros and it has 2 Times Popcorn or nachos or both and two drinks

  8. Lmao levy got me into chess and then i got my whole school into chess

  9. Gotham hasn't heard of playing blitz variants… has he?

  10. "I am ready for some kings touching each other" 💀

  11. It's so great that small chess youtuners like this get recognition nowadays

  12. Im a little brit boy in England 🇬🇧

  13. 18 dollars for a movie ticket? In spain I pay 18 euros for the whole experience, unhygienic hotdog and everything

  14. In india a regular movie ticket only costs like $2-3

  15. Watching from Stavanger Norway, not that far from Sørmarka Arena, where they done did some chess once.

  16. I hope i would get the pin of shame

  17. Well….. Some tournaments back here in Zambia actually allow you to capture the king and win the game instantly

  18. If the king can be taken its not a game of war. But a game to assassinate the enemy king.
    Call it assassins chess.

  19. wthe
    stare was so good that i went inside the game

    edit: damn only i can write a lame boring comment ;-;

  20. Watching from India. No "love from India❤🇮🇳" for u

  21. Hey Levy I’m from Iran and i have learned a lot from you❤

  22. Knew the game instantly from the title 😅. Watching from AYAYA land

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