Why I’m No Longer Friends with Anna Cramling

Anna and I used to be friends, but now our relationship is forever ruined. The things she said about me were truly shocking. Let me know in the comments if you are as flabbergasted as I am with her recent remarks…
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  1. Who gives a f…? Doesn't matter who is your friend or not .

    We're here for the chess, not to be your "friend". Don't waste our time with this kind of BS.

  2. Just stop the click bait … You guys have great content for cheap Tactics

  3. I knew the title was click-bait when I clicked on it.
    But I still clicked, so… good job?

  4. You are both so smart, beautiful, and good
    So adorable

  5. I am disliking this video for wasting my time. I mean, what the hell is wrong with you guys?? why are you reviewing such an idiotic match

  6. I see that you both are playing in Reykjavik this month. Obviously it would be so exciting were you two paired at some point. Even so, I hope that you and she are keeping your head clear and are playing at the top of your game. Good luck.

  7. Anna and Andrea are so great together!!! You should always be friends!!! Two great gals!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. No one's buying folks, we know you're besties.

  9. I think that all this drama is aimed at getting as many views and followers as possible

  10. How can such a hot girl be so annoying, but amazingly you are , quit the Drama and just play chess

  11. Andrea Botez is definition Smoke Show Baddie… Anna Cramling is definition Smoke Show Baddie… any questions??? fax!!!

  12. I don't like click bait, but I like these two chess players.

  13. and here i was ready for the gossip… turned out to be just another fake video just to have more views.

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