Why I’m No Longer Friends with Anna Cramling

Anna and I used to be friends, but now our relationship is forever ruined. The things she said about me were truly shocking. Let me know in the comments if you are as flabbergasted as I am with her recent remarks…
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  1. Why are people using clickbaits, I mean just for views, you are selling your souls

  2. 15:58 I was guessing 1200; was unsure why you thought so high, but that made me rethink my conjecture.

  3. Nice try, but we dont believe in this drama

  4. Ummm, why don't ya'll kiss and make up…..!
    That would be awesome!

  5. 13:43 Props to the person editing in the soundtrack. That was perfect synchronization.

  6. Clickbait title As they are trying to promote their guess the elo and match gotham's series of guess the elo.
    edit: And the best part is that she did not gave the credit of Anna's channel because she could easily copyright her .

  7. I haven't checked in on this channel for a while, so I thought maybe this was some kind of April Fool's joke at first.

  8. ahahah keep it up you ladies are so much fun!

  9. But… you never explained why you aren't friends! You tricked me!!!!

  10. I originally thought 600 then 1.1 on the 2nd. 1st game was way too far beyond me to even guess.

  11. Women don't share their friendship problems in public unless it's war full of hate.. this is just an episode of drama series..

  12. Anna and Andrea's voice are like nails on a chalkboard

  13. It is true that Anna has overtaken Andrea in popularity but this should never have made Andrea feel bitter and resentful, friendship is more valuable!


  15. We all want to see Andrea and Anna catfighting.

  16. not to be a hater, but the level of clickbait on this channel and chess tube in general is a joke. please try to make interesting content and not just trick people into watching your channel. I want the last 5 minutes of my life back. ive only been playing chess for a couple years and dont know shit but i feel like im watching novices discuss this game. I dont get it.

  17. Nah. You two are great together. Don't be the Anti-Cramling.

  18. they share sumliminal things each other. based. no friendship between two chicks in ocean of simps. thats for sure.

  19. You never showed what she supposedly said that was so wrong. (?) Oh, I get it publicity stunt. 🙂 well played.

  20. You know, you are a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain. add some more interfalling on ya face mf

  21. Min 1.45 i though she was saying "or maybe they re just a big bot" 😂😂

  22. I feel deepest condolences for the people who has to spend time around you two, desperate for attention drama queens 🙄 i can see you both blushing with ego nuances in front of your so precious chat 😅kinda uncomfortable to watch, so i aint going past 5:45 lol.. But im sure you're both wrong… Both more or less the same, and if it wasn't for Alex's your older sister (who's probably the only level headed female chess player out of you 3 that has it together), you Andea would have been even worse than Anna. But i cannot stand Anna's ego (presumably comes with the family acolytes) whiny pitch and primadona acting pronunciations more than yours Andea 😂😂 so you get saved by the bell – your sister, in my books – not that anyone cares, yet though you should know, cause its a honest observation 🤣

  23. Nobody cares. This is all fake, just made for views, because you have nothing to offer chess-wise because you and your sister are hilariously overrated, and try putting on less makeup for once.

  24. "It's going to be the very last time that happened." Wouldn't that imply it was simply the last time it happened, not necessarily the LAST time.

  25. While qt is talking shit about her “friend”, her boyfriend attempts to slam the chess community of being “toxic”

  26. Reminds me of the iron musket when he supposedly had a problem with a bunch of people but was really just sucking them off

  27. Don't do this. Get off your high horse girl.

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