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  1. Yo, first time being first comment. Let's go

  2. Just shows how good you must be to play bullet, it takes me 5 minutes to just work out daily challenges 🤣

  3. Ааах, какая красивая шахматистка, матерясь играя, демонстрирует высокий уровень игры в шахматах! 😘

  4. I played bullet once. Got in a pickle. Just randomly moved pieces. Lost almost all my pieces. I won

  5. You look like robin, from how i met your mother

  6. She said never give up but i heard never n
    Gonna give you up

  7. damn could've been avoided if he took the pawn

  8. Each time I see her on yt shorts I think she's gonna mess up and scream

  9. Just not getting it , can anyone plse help ?
    How can a king move 2 square diagonally in one move ? And how can a own white king eat his own white Queen?
    Plse guide

  10. cuz bullet is relied on reflexes and not thinking

  11. Alexandra, premoving be like: oh yes.
    Le Hikaru: Oh yes yes yes yes oh yeah yes yes yeah yeah oh yeah yes yes …There pops up _you win by resignation _

  12. ngl i think id kill myself if i lost despite being 15 points of material more then my opponent

  13. Bro really feel for the botez gambit accepted 🤦‍♂️

  14. Am I the only one who feels they have to watch in slow motion to understand what's going on?

  15. Dosnt even look like the same person without a ton of make-up

  16. I can bet the queen is missing bcuz of the Legendary Botez Gambit 😂

  17. He was doing so good, then a pawn single handedly ate his queen, he hung his rook not realising his queen became food for the pawn. Then said pawn promoted.

  18. Wow that final Botez Gambit tho… Could've crashed and burned so much, but in the end it didn't fail because of the time. 😴

  19. A little loving and some fruit to bake,Life is a piece of cake.

  20. She was down 15 pts of material 😮 Nice win Alex.

  21. You mean " it's bullet you can play complete shit chess and still win "

  22. I hate people with 2000 elo. I never could reach that.

  23. How did blk lose its queen? Ridiculous😂

  24. Awful advice. Resigning is very important to the honor of players.

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