Will Magnus, Hikaru, Fabiano & Co Gain Advantage To Progress Further? | FIDE World Cup Rd 3 Game 1

The 2023 FIDE World Cup takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan and features 309 players, including Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura and Fabiano Caruana in the Open section, and Ju Wenjun in the Women’s. The top three qualify for the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament. Open games:
Women’s games:

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  1. Some tweeting birds apparently are still alive 🙂

  2. yes because they talk about positions on the board not totally different things

  3. Well, Daniel and Peter are without a doubt the gratest commentary duo that exists

  4. Can we keep this commentary duo forever? Love both Peter and Daniel in this

  5. Just noticed Ediz Gürel and Daniel Naroditsky has same smile always 😃

  6. Around 4:01:20 isn’t that the weirdest commercial ever? Hahaha come on Danny you can hire some better marketing lol this one was just awful 😂
    btw i love the chess clock, but u almost ruined it for me 😅

  7. Top Moments for me

    3:27:00 This is one to forget for Caruana as he misses Rxc6 with a winning endgame.
    Leko says you are lucky to fall asleep.
    Naroditsky says you need 6 episodes of a show to forget!

    4:12:00 Leko says oh my goodness to Naroditsky's variation. He says to Leko thank you very much for sharing this with us.

    5:19:55 they both shout oh my goodness in that rook endgame

    Queen endgame from 5:26:00 to the end between Tabatabei and Keymer

  8. Love how authentic danya and leko commentate without any artificial excitement.

  9. Daniel is being such an improvement over Tania in duet with Great Peter. Dania is very knowledgeable and well educated person all around, has great sense of humor, and, therefore, so fun to listen to.Also, to my taste, Tania talks too much, about 60-70% of the broadcast time.

  10. 1:31:31 OMG I actually was thinking d5 was the move I'd play as black, challenging white's pawn center, making it's mobility more difficult, opening up lines for the white bishop etc, and that was the computer move! I must be a GM! I identify as a GM but my chess rating is not respecting my pronouns.

  11. Hess must be jealous lol…Get Hess in the mix too

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