Will Magnus, Salimova, Arjun, & Vidit Hold Their Lead? | FIDE World Rapid Championship 2023 Rds 6-9

World number-one Magnus Carlsen is back to defend both his rapid and blitz world championships from 2022! Competing against the 15-time world champ is Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, and more of the world’s top players. Who will become the next world champions in chess, and claim their share of the total $1 million prize fund across the Open and Women’s events?


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  1. Someone in Fide forgot to pay the internet bill

  2. I don't care make a sep women's channel, I can't watch live cause I have to fast forward the useless women's garbage

  3. Sync the commentators with the match. I can’t tell what’s happening. Very poor overall

  4. Thank You Peter and Robert for the excellent commentating!

  5. Why the quality of these videos becomes worse every year? It is very annoying to watch live coverage and the chessboard that don't match at all…

  6. Wow moment at 5:17:00 where Magnus gets so angry with himself because he missed King back to g5.

  7. Unfortunately the worst thing about chess, really the only bad thing, is FIDE. Gatekeeping and holding the game back from its potential. Really sad for the brilliant player's

  8. Leko is an amazing commentstor. Hess is also great.

  9. Peter and Robert are succeding in fixing such a horrible organization.

  10. Wow such terrible production. Must be difficult in Uzbekistan but have to get their shit together to make this a watchable event

  11. FIDE putting the message is like saying not our problem. Is Samarkand’s infra issue. Do better FIDE, choose a better venue then 😂😂😂

  12. No criticism of the commentary but since so many people watch online now can FIDE please ensure that, in future tournaments, the video and data feeds are of the highest quality ? Perhaps some locations are unsuitable if they cannot even provide video and data feeds to publicise what is the most global of games.

  13. Gukesh& nejat abasov&prag are candidates😂😂😂😂😂

  14. as much as i appreciate the commentary, i'm regularly confused about if what's on display is what's live or if they are the lines the commentators are discussing. it's a bit frustrating.

  15. It doesn't feel like watching a live game if moves come in in bulks.
    This ruins the stream.
    On Day 1 the commentators did some moves manually which was better at least..

    I was so hyped after. Yesterday 😢 this sucks

  16. Why do chess live streams always have technical problems :/
    The delay is horrible.
    I thought the organizer would do lots of tests and trials until its perfect. That's not how you get more viewers or sponsors

  17. psuee5: I completely agree; a real desaster.

  18. Time stamps
    – – – Round 6 – – –

    Commentary start – 11:07
    Vidit Gujrathi v Magnus Carlsen handshake 😅 – 18:27
    Round 6 Begins (Gujrathi v Magnus) – 22:12
    Bird eye – 37:47
    Yangyi Yu v Arjun Erigaisi – 38:32
    Birds Eye view – 48:59
    Back to Vidit Gujrathi v Magnus Carlsen – 49:43
    Levon Aronian v Conrad Holt – 1:16:03
    Teimour Radjabov v M. Amin Tabatabaei – 1:19:24

    – – – Round 7 – – –

    Commentary start – 1:36:48
    Arjun Erigaisi v Magnus Carlsen – 1:51:37
    Birdseye view – 1:58:54
    Zhu Jiner v Mo Zhai – 2:00:12
    Birdseye view – 2:07:55
    Ivan Cheparinov v Daniil Dubov – 2:08:30
    Arjun Erigaisi v Magnus Carlsen – 2:12:10
    Birdseye view – 2:14:41
    Ian Nepomniachtchi v Volodar Murzin – 2:15:38
    Bharath Subramaniyan H v Yangyi Yu – 2:19:00
    Endgame Skirmish – 2:35:52
    Crazy Endgame – 2:44:57

    – – – Round 8 – – –

    Commentary starts – 3:08:20
    Magnus Carlsen Yangyi Yu- 3:19:21
    Mukhiddin Madaminov v Surya Ganguly😮- 3:30:00
    Magnus Carlsen Yangyi Yu – 3:32:36
    Birdseye view – 3:34:37
    Early draws – 3:35:20
    Magnus Carlsen Yangyi Yu – 3:36:34
    Women’s Birdseye view – 3:42:57
    Mai Narva v Zhu Jiner – 3:44:10
    Mo Zhai v Humpy Koneru – 3:45:50
    Magnus Carlsen Yangyi Yu – 3:48:11
    Levon Aronian v Kirill Shevchenko – 3:51:43
    Daniil Dubov v Volodar Murzin – 3:54:05
    Vladimir Fedoseev v Arjun Erigaisi – 3:55:16
    Daniil Dubov v Volodar Murzin – 4:10:25
    Conrad Holt v Vincent Keymer- 4:18:07

    – – – Round 9 – – –

    Commentary start – 4:32:02
    Vincent Keymer v Magnus Carlsen – 4:39:49
    Women’s Birdseye view – 4:56:58
    Humpy Koneru v Tingjie Lei – 4:57:26
    Zhu Jiner v Anastasia Bodnaruk – 5:01:9
    Mo Zhai v Bibisara Assubayeva – 5:04:34
    Open Birdseye view – 5:05:57
    Vincent Keymer v Magnus Carlsen – 5:06:40
    Vidit Gujrathi v Ivan Cheparinov – 5:27:44
    Yangyi Yu v Vladimir Fedoseev – 5:29:53
    Vidit Gujrathi v Ivan Cheparinov – 5:34:02

    Day 2 Final standings – 5:51:55

  19. Cmon sort out the ridiculous board updating situation. Almost unwatchable like this. It's almost 2024 and you can't even show the moves without creating a mess for the commentators. Shows disrespect for your audience's time as well.

  20. The constant internet problems are ruining this event. Feel sorry for the commentators.

  21. Why are we still using these crap side cameras?

    Hanging cameras looking from directly above the boards would be SOOOOO much better.

  22. This is the actual WC of chess. Classical is dead.

  23. I hope you'll invite more interesting people for the commentary. It was so boring and uninspiring, that I would rather wait for Levy's recap than watch the live feed…

  24. Delay the feed. Sync it up and then feed it to the commentators. More Americans play chess than play football, and we still can't get decent coverage of chess.

  25. we get plenty of messages about how you're not responsible for the technical screwups. who is then?? who thought sending moves in bunches was going to be at all acceptable for a high-level rapid tournament? Did no one check conditions in advance? why is Leko getting some moves on his board that we cannot see? This is not an application requiring high bandwidth. And what about the innovative new screwup of constantly showing the wrong players with the board? how can that be blamed on samarkand? We are not at least entitled to an explanation of how this happens? it does significantly degrade the whole production. Amateurs!… monumental screwups….

  26. Archaic two-tiered gender system in which female players play fewer rounds for much less prize money and little coverage; fines levied for trivial violations of dress code (I guess the player was supposed to wear more "feminine" shoes); unexplained special privileges for certain participants; technical issues in the playing hall; and finally, a consistenly glitchy feed that frustrates commentators and spectators. FIDE in fine form heading into 2024. Thanks Robert and Peter for making the absolute best of this situation.

  27. The prize fund for classical chess among men in 2023 will be 2 million euros. for women 500 thousand euros. 4 times less!!!Are women's ratings 4 times lower? Do women have 4 times fewer parties?This is humiliating and unfair to women. And this happens on a global level!Do women feel sorry for money?The prize must be the same for men and women! Because it's fair and equal!

  28. Is there another place to watch the whole championship? I dont like how they transfer to the online board, I just want to watch the physical board.

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