WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. but why bishop to c3 and not knight to c3 it's a blunder

  2. Them: Instead of Queen takes Bishop, they captured it with a knight

    Me: Shit

  3. Only problem no one ever plays d4

  4. What if white Bishop takes black Bishop after check

  5. The englund gambit is just the scholars mate for people who think they know how to play chess

  6. Bruh i Trieste that for an halv an hour and it didnt work😢

  7. Can't the knight take the bishop instead of the queen?

  8. bro trying to cast a genjutsu with the video loop

  9. I like your stuff dude, but that's not going to work on ANYONE who really knows how to play Chess…

  10. Glad this trick didn't happen in my games i always see this everyday

  11. I would have taken the queen like an idiot

  12. what should I do if he/she moves the horse moves to C3, sorry I just started to play chess

  13. everything was good until his bishop took mine then i lost because the time ran out

  14. Wait I just realised that the other person is just you without glasses and with a beanie

  15. seeing the rook is under attack a good chess player will play Knight to C3

  16. What if the opponent plays knight C3 not bishop?

  17. bro thinks a triple fork is special when I forked an opponent's queen, king, rook, and bishop. quadruple fork.

  18. Thanks dude!! Super helpful 👍! 🙂👌

  19. I juss wonder what if the white does not play d4🤔??

  20. He makes me want to play chess every time i watch a video lol

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