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  1. Fide after watching gotham's video. Mai kua job chodh du phir

  2. I want to be in a Gotham video. But I don’t know how to submit my games to you also at 4:14 the sound you made sounded like a duck 🦆

  3. Gotham should join Brandon Herrera and Donut Operator for their YouTuber range day

  4. Every time you say deepan i thought you say d pawn

  5. In australia we do call them supermarkets but we do NOT buy firearms from them!

  6. I got a brilliant in my last game. I'd like to know why because it wasn't a sacrifice i just moved my ROOOOOOOOK. Im 200 Elo username is tuomat

  7. "Fianchetto" is an italian term that comes from the word "fianco" that means "side"

  8. This proves that the king is the most powerfull chess piece

  9. We always here "Sacrificed the rook" but now it's immortal

  10. this game made me feel better after 20 blunders, thanks levy

  11. I don't know if Supermarket is an American term but we use "Supermarché" in Belgium and France… It sounds super similar and means the same thing so idk… I don't think it's American only…

  12. never knew levy played squash! i love squash too

  13. Is no one gonna talk about 6:57?
    Levy literally turned into eminem

  14. Someday somebody is gonna sue you for bringing up this stuff on the internet….😅😅

  15. 6:35 This is the reason why you teach chess and not fps games. Yes, they do. That is exactly what most of them do. It is why there are people with your same job, in the fps genre.

  16. im extremely upset deepan didn't push the d pawn for the first move

  17. Levy you can show game review at the end of the game to show no. of blunders and brilliant moves too

  18. Levy is the best chess commentator in the world.

  19. Think you shourld do something with coffe chess

  20. An Indien person playes king Indien lol

  21. The term supermarket is not an American thing. We call those in the Netherlands as well. Buying firearms in a supermarket though? No! I'm afraid that very much is an American thing.

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