WINNING A CHESS TOURNAMENT | Round 8 | Cracow International Chess

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  1. Andrea looks like a hot ass cosplay in the thumbnail 👌

  2. Young padawan 6.5 out of 9 and top 15-20 is still possible. It’s good to see that you beat another younger player, have more points than Alex and have a higher place in the rankings…..!

    Alex you are on the way back with this draw. This is the start of your new non losing streak. But the younger padawan will end higher in the ranking for this tournament than you…….!

  3. When you’re playing against somebody that plays in real life and thinks of his moves ahead of time it’s a hard game to win. But hopefully everybody learned a little lesson honesty is always the best policy.

  4. Alex guts rating down, Andrea guts rating up based upon their post match comments.

  5. greetings to Jesse 🙂 BIG thank you for online lesson.

  6. Lol, Aryan still working for the Botez sisters after they cut his face out of the pic on their merch site so that they are there alone with Magnus? 😅

  7. Wow Alexandra, well played, you're back and I'm glad you're continuing the tournament. It was a difficult game and you defended so well. Congratulations. A wonderful fighting spirit. It was the right decision to continue playing in the tournament. All great champions fall down sometimes and then get up again. Or to put it another way: Those who fight can lose, but those who don't fight have already lost 😊! Stay tuned !

  8. Alex is getting tough in the end games.😊❤

  9. The female commentator only wanted to talk about things other than the 2 games. The male commentator obliged and missed out on a lot of the actual analysis. They didn't talk about Alexandra's actual game until more than a half hour into the broadcast. Really bad commentating.

  10. Step by step with Alexandra and Andrea in playing Chess.

  11. Congratulations to both ladies for a come back…
    Nice job Andrea to be able to convince Alexandra to stay…
    Alexandra, you are still my favorite Future Grand Master… Keep fighting… And keep learning.

  12. The guy standing up probably did have something wrong with his back or maybe some mental issue. It's more likely one of those reasons than simply "He's played chess his entire life and failed to ever realize that standing up could be perceived as being disrespectful."

  13. True grit by Alex — saving game after being on edge of defeat for hours! Start of new undefeated streak! Great patience by Andrea not to rush in much better position until it was time to harvest the win. Good luck to both in final round tomorrow!

  14. My name was Bane, and Kudos, I wasn’t there for long! 18th was my birthday, 26 years old. That’s such a coincidence. I hope you announcers read this. Also I play the Iron giant, so I appreciate the Superman type of read, comment.

  15. Alex is seems like she is at chess competition and Andrea seems like she is at beauty contest.

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